Monday, June 13, 2016

Scenes Around the House from Summertime

I can't say enough how much we are loving summertime.  I kept my DSLR out last week so that I would use it, and I snapped some pictures here and there :)

One of my favorite parts of summer is just relaxing outside together and playing after dinner.  Since there's no rush to get anything done or get to bed, we really just get to enjoy the time we are home.  Here we are after an afternoon of swimming, hence the zero makeup for me and play clothes for the kids :)

We are FINALLY converting our guest bedroom into a real room for Everett :)  We got rid of the guest bed, put together the crib and here is a picture of Matt putting together the armoire we bought, since that room doesn't have a closet.  I'll post pics when it's finished.

Ethan and Indy

Everett is LOVING having his siblings home.  I am too :)  They are so sweet with him.

We got a basketball hoop for the driveway.  Everett was intently "helping" Matt put it together.  It was so cute :)

Alayna made herself a bag dress....

After dinner ice cream cones.  Indy's trying to get a lick too.

Everett loves to play around with this erector set.  Ethan actually builds stuff :)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer is off to a start

Last week was our first full week of summer but honestly it didn't feel like it because Ethan was in basketball camp and I had to have him at ACA by 8:30 every morning.  So we were still out the door like normal. Since he was at camp from 8:30-12:30 we didn't do much last week.  I went to my mom's three of the days for a few hours to help her and give her some company.  The poor thing broke her ankle and had to have surgery to have a pin put in.  So she can't do much right now :(

Since the weather finally warmed up we have had a lot of fun in our pool :)  We are definitely loving it!  So far Everett is not a huge fan and will only really hang out on the first step.  I'm hoping he takes a liking to it one of these days as the rest of us are fish!  This first picture was the only time we got him smiling in the pool.

Last week we had dinner at the Odenbaughs for our Thursday night dinner.  They recently purchased 5 acres in Cherry Valley and are going to build a house.  Ethan had saved up his money and purchased a BB gun after the cadet campout.  We made him wait to use it until we could go over here, as they have ample space.  He has been beyond excited and was so happy to finally be able to use his gun.  I shot it too and it was quite fun with the little shooting area Thomas had set up :)

The kids have a blast running around their property.  Alayna and the Mercer girls made a map to hunt for snakes and had fun running through the brush.

I love that over the years these kids have come to love each other and they look forward to Thursday nights just as much as we do.  This group is such a blessing. 

This morning was our first day actually at home in the morning and able to do what we wanted :)  I was proud of myself for making myself get up with Matt and go for a 30 minute jog at 6:15.  I don't love working out that early, but for the summertime I'm hoping to do it three times a week.  We went up to Oak Glen to walk around the Conservancy as all of the wildflowers are in bloom.  It's so gorgeous and we enjoyed the beauty.

I love that Alayna stops to read each sign.  She is truly in her element when we are in nature.  She notices everything and I love it, as I am a nature lover myself.  I am constantly blessed by God's beautiful creation, it brings me such joy!

Is this not adorable?  Ethan carrying Everett :)  I was happy to have a break as I had to carry him about half the time we were there.

One of my favorite parts about summer is slow evenings, and not having to do homework or pack lunches or rush to bed :)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last Week of School

As of noon today we are officially on summer break!  Yippee!

Earlier this week Ethan had his class pool party.  I wasn't able to go for the whole time because I had Everett, but I stopped by for a bit and took a couple of pictures.  It was quite cold that day, but thankfully the people had their pool heated very warm, so the kids had a blast.

Alayna had her kindergarten graduation ceremony yesterday.  They were so cute.  They each had to say what they wanted to be when they grow up, and Alayna said "la maestra de arte", which means art teacher.  Now that we have a whole year of Spanish Immersion under our belt, it's pretty cool.  It's amazing how much Spanish she knows.  I bet next year she'll really take off with it.  With this program they say the kids are totally fluent by the end of second grade.  She has also amazed us with her ability to read, which she picked up herself.  While I'm not certain her exact level, I will say she seems to be able to read most anything we put in front of her.

Alayna with her teacher, Sra Pena.

My mom brought her flowers and Marlene brought her a balloon.  It was so sweet and she was so excited.

Today was Ethan's last day and I got to snap this picture of his class when school started.  He had such a wonderful teacher and we are thankful for the growth he had with her.  His class was such a sweet bunch as well.

 I surprised him and when I picked him up I had bought him a beta fish and tank.  Since he is so responsible now, he gets to keep it in his room and take care of it.  He is quite excited.

And one last picture of Ethan with Indy the other day.

And now, onto summer!!!  Yay!!!!