Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Birthday

I turned 33 on October 5th.  It was a nice birthday :)  I took the weekend off and enjoyed time with friends and family, what more could I ask for? 

Matt's mom babysat the kids and we got to go out to dinner with Danny and Jolene on Saturday night.  We went to Proabition in Riverside, which I've wanted to try ever since it opened two years ago.  Rare is the chance we get to get dressed up and enjoy dinner with those two sans kiddos. The meal was delicious and did not disappoint.

Sunday was my birthday, and I wanted so badly to just stay in my jammies and relax for once, instead of rushing around, so we skipped church and enjoyed a leisure morning at home.... a rare treat!  We picked up lunch at El Pollo Loco with Matt's mom, and then headed up to Lake Arrowhead for a while.  We hadn't been up there for many years, and I remembered why... that drive, lol.  As someone who gets car sick a drive like that isn't super fun.  Thankfully it was gorgeous up there and we enjoyed our time.  We walked around the village and hung out, and also got to sample a couple of beers since Octoberfest was going on. It was a fun afternoon.

We headed over to my mom's where she made me a delicious birthday dinner... my choice.... king crab legs :) We feasted out and enjoyed every bite! 

Thank you so much to everyone who texted, Facebooked, sent a card and gave me a gift!!!  I felt very loved :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

A few cute pictures of Matt and Everett playing last week.

Jenk's Lake

We went up to Jenk's Lake a week ago on a Sunday afternoon. Marlene came along with us.  It was a cooler weekend and the weather was 54 degrees up there, it was great!  I actually had cold hands! We walked around the lake twice and enjoyed the beautiful scenery :)  It's such a pretty little place.

Monday, October 6, 2014


Just a few pictures from the other week of Ethan and I scootering around out front :)  In the above picture Ethan is hopping his scooter.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Everett is 6 months old

I cannot beleive this sweet little man has been a part of our family for half of a year already. I say it all the time, but he brings our family so much joy.  He is just a sweet, happy, smiley, loveable little guy. 

At 6 months old Everett is:
 15.5 lbs (12th percentile for weight)
27 inches long (62nd percentile for height)
Sitting up on his own for a few minutes at a time
Starting solids (he's tried avocado and sweet potato)
Sleeping 12-13 hours at night
Can put his own binky in his mouth
Rolls across the room
Is trying really hard to crawl (yikes)
Napping much better
A complete joy!!!!

And here is a picture of all three kids at six months old.  It's fun to see them side by side.  I think Everett is a mix of both Ethan and Alayna. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

First Bite

We gave Everett his first taste of food a few days shy of 6 months.  We tried sweet potatoes and as you can see, he was not too happy about it :)  I tried avocado the next two times and he was much more receptive to that.

Get this stuff away from me!!!!

Finishing up 5 months

Since Everett turned 6 months this week I'd better post the rest of the pictures I took from when he was 5 months old :)

Chillin' in the exersaucer

Hangin' with his gal Evangeline.... he was a tad more excited about it than she was ;)

Chillin' with Sissy