Beach Trip

The day after my birthday we headed down to the beach for three nights.  Marlene let us use some of her extra time share points and so we stayed in Capistrano Beach. We've been so blessed to be able to do this for the fourth year in a row and we've enjoyed it immensely.  The beach is generally glorious in September and October... nice and warm and no crowds.

We spent the first day at Newport Beach, doing what we love... just enjoying the beach.

The next day we hung out and went to San Clemente beach, which is just down the road from the time share.  The waves were really rough and huge, but we still enjoyed our time.  We then spent a few hours at the hotel pool.

Slow, relaxing mornings are one of the best parts about getting away!  For the first time ever we had all three kids sleep in the same room. They did well... we put Everett down and then when he was asleep we had the big kids go to bed.  The only bummer part was that he woke up at 6:00 am every morning (which is actual…

My Birthday

I've officially climbed up to the later side of the 30's, haha.  I turned 36 this month.  It was a nice day and I felt special and loved.

The weekend before my mom made me an amazing dinner of king crab legs ....mmmmmmm.

 On my birthday the kids gave me cards and I opened a couple of presents.
I am so excited about this gift that I had been wanting... and I am enjoying it so much when I get a few moments here and there...

 I then got to meet up with friends for coffee...
 Then meet up with Matt for lunch (where we had fish tacos, yum yum)...

I got to finish off the day with our Thursday night dinner group and I didn't have to cook.  Right before we were going to leave Everett fell and bit all the way through his lip.  Matt took him to urgent care and he didn't need stitches, and they were still able to make it to dinner.