More Snapshots of swimming

Most of the pictures I take around the pool are from my cell phone.  I usually have it next to me, so it's just easy.  Here are some of the random pictures from this summer from around the pool :)

CHicken fighting with Uncle Jerrod

I think Alayna is a girl after my own heart...hehe.  Reading in the pool is the best

Alayna and her friend Elise.

Uncle Jerrod is a really good sport...
Do you see a trend with Alayna... hehe.  This is pretty much my favorite spot... in the shade with my book :)
That raft life...

We've swam a lot at night this summer.... this day was summer solstice


To say we enjoy our pool is an understatement.  We use it a ton.  This summer we've done a lot more swimming in the later afternoon and evening and after dinner than we've done during the day.  One great thing about that is not having to use sunscreen, haha, plus it's fun to swim with Matt.  We sit in the spa a lot in the evenings too.

I was determined to get a couple of photos with my DSLR before summer was over, so I brought it out last week one day.  What these pictures don't show is that after only about 40 minutes in the pool my kids were fighting and ended up in quiet time, haha. Real life :)

Summertime Outings

A few of our favorite outings from this past month....

Irvine Adventure Playground.  We had never heard of this place, but it was free and the kids had a blast.  Aside from the normal fun play structures, they had dump trucks and sand, and other fun things.
They had life sized Legos for the kids to build with....

They could also paint on the ground and building...

I've taken the kids to this little hands on museum in Hemet every year since they were tiny... I was worried Ethan would be too big to enjoy, but he still had fun and we ended up staying longer than I thought we would.  Everett is at the perfect age and loved every second.
We got to go up to Lake Arrowhead to meet up with one of Alayna's classmates and her grandma.  She is opening a wedding venue up there and wanted to show it to me and then she also took us to her dock space and the kids got to swim and have fun.  The highlight of the day for the kids was when her husband came and took us all out on the lake on th…