Fun in the snow

We finally got the chance at the end of the snow storms, to head up to Oak Glen and play in the snow for a while.  There was quite a bit up there and the kids had so much fun.  They lasted much longer than I thought they would!  I figured 30 minutes, but they played for almost 2 hours!  They had snow boots and gloves, and we brought the sled.  I had fun taking some pictures of them.  IT was so pretty :)

Time with Everett

I can't help but feel sad that my time with a kid at home with me will soon be over.  I sure do enjoy my Tuesdays and Thursdays with Everett.  He is such a sweet kid.  Last week he wanted to drive his Jeep up the road and walk around the construction site.  They are building a box culvert bridge, and they weren't working because of the weather.   We were out for an hour and it was 39 degrees!  I was cold!

It snowed off and on all day that day, but nothing stuck to the ground.


The kids and I have been enjoying walking and exploring in our area.   It's so beautiful right now, with green hills and snow capped mountains, and there's even a stream with the snow melt from Oak Glen.  This time of year is so beautiful in this area!