Alayna Turns 8

I can't beleive Alayna turned 8.  I totally say that every year each time my kids have a birthday, lol.  It's bittersweet. She was so excited and we had fun celebrating her.

I always decorate the bar while the kids are sleeping the night before their birthdays :) 

I spent a few hours on this cake... it was a labor of love, as it is a 6 layer rainbow cake made from scratch.  My first time making something like that!  Since our talented and sweet cake baker extraordinaire moved away (Jolene) I figured I'd better at least attempt something cool, haha.

We got Alayna a really nice bike (we did the same for Ethan on his 8th birthday).  Being that we live in an area with a lot of hills, it's really so much better to have a good bike that is lighter.

After church we had family and she had two friends from school over for a little pool party. 

First Day of School

The kids started school August 16th and are getting into the swing of things.  Ethan is in 4th grade and Alayna is in 2nd grade Spanish Immersion.  They both are loving it so far, and I pray that continues!

Our obligatory first day of school pictures :)

Wrapping UP Summer

Summer is over now (the kids went back to school Aug 16th), but we enjoyed our last bit of it.

One morning Ethan had to do some testing, so I took Alayna and Everett to Prospect Park, because she had been wanting to go there.  She loves exploring and soaking in the plants and flowers there.

Ethan rotated his drift trike wheels on his own, with his own tools.  I love that he's so handy like his dad, because I am most definitely not!
We took the kids to the beach one last time (our third beach day this summer).  We love going on Wednesdays.  Matt has taken a vacation day each time we've done this.  We stay down there and have dinner and come back after traffic is better.

Pure childhood joy right here.
Our naturalist holding some huge seaweed
She made herself a sand chair, lol
Conditions were perfect and Ethan got the hang of his skim board

For the past few years I've taken the kids to Snowline for raspberry picking and apple cider donuts a few days before school starts.