It's a boy!

After much anticipation and wondering, we found out this morning that we are having a boy :) The ultrasound tech did a shot where it looked like he was sitting on a glass table, so we could tell quite clearly that the baby is a HE :) It was very exciting, as this was our first ultrasound, so it was also the first time that we got to see the baby. He was very active, moving all around, flexing his hands and sucking on his fingers. Now I can picture him moving around down there in my tummy when I feel all of those kicks. We are going to name him Ethan Matthew. We are thrilled! The pictures are hard to make out, but fun none the less :) The first one is a picture of his head, and he has his foot right next to it (you can see the bottom of his foot)...he's a limber little guy! The second one is a picture of his hands, the third one is a picture of his whole body, it is as if he is laying on his right side/tummy and looking at you, and the last one is a picture of his legs and anatomy (it's very hard to make out in the picture, however we could see it VERY clearly on the's as if he is sitting on a glass table).


Krista said…
yay!!! how exciting. i can definitely see that it's a boy in that last picture! definitely different than ours looked :) so glad you found out and got good ultrasound pics!!!
christy p said…
ohhhh so exciting. Congrats on your lil man!!!
5KidMom said…
My 1st baby, a girl, was rather modest and surprised us at birth. My 2nd, a boy, let it all hang out!!! The opportunity to plan and prepare was appreciated, but we were relieved when he grasped onto the concept of modesty a few years later. That much "hanging out" could get a person in trouble!! 8^)
loi vuong said…
congratulations! so excited for you guys!

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