Surprise shower

My kids (and room moms) threw me a surprise baby shower today. It was so sweet. One of the mom's prayed for me, then another mom gave me a poem she had written and I had to read it out loud. They made me cry! They included my aide too because she is going to be a grandma for the first time in a few more weeks. The kids all brought baby books, so now I have a ton of really cute baby books. It was really cute, they all wrote what they thought I was having, what I should name the baby, what they think it will look like, and why I will be a good mom. My favorite response was this: "Mrs. Hekman will be a good mom because she already knows how to take care of kids. Plus she kept her guinea pig alive". Isn't that hilarious! The funny thing is, I really only kept one guinea pig alive....and had 2 more die. I hope that's not a measure of my success! The whole thing was really precious.

It's a bittersweet week for me, knowing I won't be teaching anymore. I may teach again in the future, but who knows. There are many things I won't miss about teaching (report cards, conferences, grading, etc.). However there are many more things I will miss; such as the sweet innocence of second graders, the way they love you pretty much unconditionally at this age, the joy in teaching them new things, the boost they are for my self esteem (they think teachers do everything great), and the fun that I have with them. I will miss those kids! However I am extremely excited to have my own child. I look forward to the chance that I will have to love and nurture him or her, to be a mom, and to experience the countless precious moments that come with being a parent.


Christy said…
Hi Jess, ahhh I knew you would love the surprise. That was so sweet of them! The books will be priceless let me tell you. :) I know what you mean about being sad school is ending; I will miss seeing you there every morning. I was all excited for school to end now I get all emotional at the thought of Morgan moving into 1st grade and Mrs. Kimm leaving. Well my friend I am proud of your teaching job even if it was short and I know you will make me proud as you parent. You'll do great! I hope you caught my kisses this morning otherwise that one dad thinks I was flirting with him! :)
5KidMom said…
You had a great example of how to parent as you grew up, and you will do well too. Just remember the "shopping cart technique", as Will calls it. When everyone, their brother, mother and pet hamster are handing out advice; put what you need in your cart, and leave the rest on the shelf. 8^)

You and Matt are going to be wonderful parents. If you ever hit a wall, and feel like you need to vent or ask a question, call me (951-926-9295). I can't promise I'll have the answer, but with 5 kids, the odds are pretty good.
Krista said…
I know it's a bittersweet week, I have definitely been there and it's hard, and sad, and exciting, all at once! Just enjoy the kiddos. I am going to OC tomorrow morning to see my 1st graders from last year and to read to them. I am excited to see them! I am so glad that they gave you a surprise shower---how fun :)
Anonymous said…
Hi honey. I was so glad I was able to leave work and come to your shower. It was sweet. The kids are adorable. Now that school is out, you will be able to focus more on the baby and getting your business started. I know you will settle in nicely. Love you my favorite daughter. Mom

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