Where did my brain go?

Along with an expanding waistline, I seem to have a shrinking brain. I finally understand why women say they feel like their brains leave them while being pregnant. I have found myself making silly mistakes and just plain forgetting things as of late. One great example: I paid a credit card bill to a wrong account; in fact it's an account that is closed, but was still on my Bill Pay online. I didn't even realize my mistake until we got a statement in the mail saying we had a credit on a credit card that is closed. Unfortunately this also meant I had not paid the credit card bill to the proper company, and it was two weeks late! Ugh!

I have been extra forgetful as well. Poor Matt....I don't know how often this scenario happens lately:
Matt: "Remember, I told you about that:
Jess: "No you didn't, I don't remember anything about that"
Matt: smiles patiently and replies "Yes sweetie, I did".
Thank goodness for an understanding and patient husband!

Along with feeling crazy, I have been extra clumsy. In the same week as my credit card snafu, I spilled an entire glass of water on my grandpa while eating out. Then, just a few days later I spilled another glass of water all over my father-in-law while eating out. Then (yes there is more), I spilled yet another glass of water on my own plate while Matt and I were eating dinner at home. To top it all off I spilled YET ANOTHER glass of water all over my coffee table today. I think I'd better revert back to those handy sippy cups that seem to work so well for children. I guess people should take note, steer clear of me while I am drinking something!


Anonymous said…
You are having a difficult time with water glasses! At least it's water and will dry without staining. The pictures are cute. The baby 'bellies' are growing. Love, Mom
Jolene said…
can't keep my keys in my hand when walking to and from my car, dropped a hot saucepan the other night (thankfully I had taken the spaghetti out before it hit the floor), and have to write myself notes to remember anything. We are going crazy...it must be the baby needing our brain cells. :-) Thank the good Lord for our patient and gentle hubbies! Love, Jolene
Lauren said…
Sounds like all that free advice from other pregnant moms is right on target!

At least the weather is good for spilling all that water. I feel like I should send you a roll of shop towels or something. :)
Krista said…
so funny. ben and i were sitting in our office yesterday and i knocked over an entire glass of water. i just laughed. he looked at me like i was nuts. i told him, here read this while i go get some towels and had him read this blog entry. i think it makes him feel better to know he's not alone :)

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