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25 weeks

Here is a picture of me from last week at 25 weeks pregnant. I finally had some strangers ask me when I was due for the very first time last week. Ethan continues to be VERY active, and moves all around in my tummy a lot. It is so amusing to sit and watch my belly bounce and jiggle as he moves. I am constantly amazed that a little baby is being formed inside of me.

Colorado & Vegas

I had the chance to go to Colorado for a few days and visit my extended family. I went alone, as Matt is saving a few of his vacation days for when Ethan arrives. Flying isn't my favorite thing to do, as I tend to get motion sickness, but I made it.... a little green.... but in one piece :) I stayed with my grandparents (my dad's parents), and had a great time visiting. I also got to see two of my aunts and their families. What a blessing to have such a great extended family. I expected to get away from the heat, but it was actually hotter in Colorado than it had been here! It cooled off less in the evenings too. Now when my family comes out to visit they really can't complain about the heat, as it seemed the same to me! :)

After I returned from Colorado, Matt and I went to Vegas for 2 nights. It was our last alone trip for a while, as we won't be traveling anymore until Ethan comes. Even then, I suspect we won't travel for a while afterwards :) It was s…

3D Ultrasound

Last week we went and got a 3D ultrasound at this place in Costa Mesa. Little Ethan was not very cooperative, he kept his head buried in my placenta so we couldn't get a good shot. We went back last night to try again.... and all he did was sleep, haha. I had even drank some caffeinated soda before hand hoping that would get him to move. The tech tried poking and prodding him, had me lay on my side,and bend over, but he was quite content sleeping. He has been very active the past few days, so I was hoping he would be when we went in, however that was not the case. We did get to see more detail in his face, and it was fun to see him again. At the very end it was really funny.... he stuck up his middle finger. I guess he was tired of us bothering him! haha. The next time we will see him is when we get to meet him in November!

This is actually a shot of his face in between his legs.

Corona Del Mar

We just returned from spending 5 days at a lovely beach house in Corona Del Mar. The whole Hekman family was able to make it out, and we all stayed together. The house was great, with a spectacular view of the ocean, and was only a few blocks from the beach. We all relaxed, enjoyed being out of the heat, bummed around on the beach, and enjoyed time with family.

On Monday Matt and I went and got a 3-D ultrasound, however Ethan wasn't so cooperative and enjoyed hiding his face from us. I get to go back next week for free to see if we can get some better pictures. It was fun to see him :)

He was sucking his thumb, playing with his fist, drinking that tasty amniotic fluid, and of course he showed us his goods again :) We were joking that he wasn't too shy to show his parts, but he was too shy to show his face, haha. It really was amazing getting to see him like that.... it's like a little window into my tummy. After I go back next week I'll post the pictures I get.

Nothing …


The bedding I ordered for Ethan's room came in the mail yesterday. I am very excited. Now I just need to find the furniture! I know what I want, it's just a matter of finding something that is a good price.


I just thought I'd report back that my eating habits are back to normal! I like healthy food again, and fast food does not sound good anymore. I still prefer fruit over veggies, but I do like veggies again! I'm happy about this, as it is much better for both myself, and baby Ethan. I also still crave the vanilla soft server ice cream... but the ice cream cones from McDonalds only have 150 calories, and that is not bad at all.... I figure I can get away with that one. Oh, and french fries still always sound yummy.

Camping in Morro

We went camping with our dear friends Danny and Jolene at a state park in Morro this weekend. It was so nice to get away and relax. The weather was nice and cool (and very cold at night), and it was mostly sunny. We sat around and relaxed, drove along the coast, went wine tasting in Paso Robles (well, actually, being that we're both pregnant, Jolene and I took the guys wine tasting...we smelled a few of their wines, and mostly just sat around and enjoyed the nice scenery). This was probably our last trip together without having to worry about bringing kids or finding childcare, so I think we really savored it. Besides a raccoon sneaking into our car one night (while the trunk was open) and stealing a bag of sun chips, it was a nice uneventful trip.