25 weeks

Here is a picture of me from last week at 25 weeks pregnant. I finally had some strangers ask me when I was due for the very first time last week. Ethan continues to be VERY active, and moves all around in my tummy a lot. It is so amusing to sit and watch my belly bounce and jiggle as he moves. I am constantly amazed that a little baby is being formed inside of me.


indewoods said…
Thanks for sending me the link to view the 3D pictures... it's so amazing what can be seen! Oh, and really cute bedding too.
Christy said…
Hi Jess, you are getting so round and cute! I love it! Glad you had fun with your family and with Matt in Vegas. Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for keeping up on your blog, its fun. Love ya'
loi v said…
you look great!!! see you soon!

DonnaG said…
Hey Jessica...I am Donna, a cyber friend of Christy Harker. Saw your blog. You look adorable. Have fun with this pregnancy. This will be your first and last ever pregnancy with no children to care for. Enjoy the times on the couch just you and your little bun in the oven. I wished that I would have realized that when I was pregnant with my first. I was so busy trying to get through my senior year of college. I did. I graduated on Thurday and Jacob was born 24 hours later on Friday. No down time.

You mentioned watching your belly move. I have a very cool trick to do. You need to lie on the couch on your back or maybe propped up a bit. Take a tea cup with a saucer and place them on your belly and be VERY STILL. When your baby starts kicking and moving, the teacup and saucer may begin rattling. It is very neat to watch. Makes it even more real for the others watching.

Rhonda said…
Hi Jessica. I was so glad to hear from you! By the way, congratulations!!! You look soooo cute. Tell your mom I said hi too.

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