3D Ultrasound

Last week we went and got a 3D ultrasound at this place in Costa Mesa. Little Ethan was not very cooperative, he kept his head buried in my placenta so we couldn't get a good shot. We went back last night to try again.... and all he did was sleep, haha. I had even drank some caffeinated soda before hand hoping that would get him to move. The tech tried poking and prodding him, had me lay on my side,and bend over, but he was quite content sleeping. He has been very active the past few days, so I was hoping he would be when we went in, however that was not the case. We did get to see more detail in his face, and it was fun to see him again. At the very end it was really funny.... he stuck up his middle finger. I guess he was tired of us bothering him! haha. The next time we will see him is when we get to meet him in November!

This is actually a shot of his face in between his legs.


Anonymous said…
Wow! It is so amazing what they can do now! We are also looking forward to seeing him in November -or December- too. It will be fun to see what kind of personality he has...judging from the ultrasound he'll be laid-back with an attitude--Ha!
love from all of us,

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