Colorado & Vegas

I had the chance to go to Colorado for a few days and visit my extended family. I went alone, as Matt is saving a few of his vacation days for when Ethan arrives. Flying isn't my favorite thing to do, as I tend to get motion sickness, but I made it.... a little green.... but in one piece :) I stayed with my grandparents (my dad's parents), and had a great time visiting. I also got to see two of my aunts and their families. What a blessing to have such a great extended family. I expected to get away from the heat, but it was actually hotter in Colorado than it had been here! It cooled off less in the evenings too. Now when my family comes out to visit they really can't complain about the heat, as it seemed the same to me! :)

After I returned from Colorado, Matt and I went to Vegas for 2 nights. It was our last alone trip for a while, as we won't be traveling anymore until Ethan comes. Even then, I suspect we won't travel for a while afterwards :) It was so nice to get away for a few days and be along and enjoy one another. We hung out a lot by the pool, had some nice meals, and just relaxed. We stayed at the MGM, and they have a great lazy river that we enjoyed. It's exactly what we needed to recharge our batteries. We've been spending every spare moment at home trying to get our projects finished before Matt has surgery (on Aug. 6th.... only one more week). We've made good progress and we're trying to finish up the last few things this week. After Matt has his surgery he will be on forced relaxation as he won't be able to put any weight on his foot for at least 6 weeks. In one respect it will be kind of nice :) He'll have no choice but to sit on the couch and watch chick flicks with me, haha, j.k. At least I don't have to work, so I'll be able to take care of him while he recovers. We are praying for a speedy recovery, and healing in his ankle so that he doesn't have any more pain.


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