Corona Del Mar

We just returned from spending 5 days at a lovely beach house in Corona Del Mar. The whole Hekman family was able to make it out, and we all stayed together. The house was great, with a spectacular view of the ocean, and was only a few blocks from the beach. We all relaxed, enjoyed being out of the heat, bummed around on the beach, and enjoyed time with family.

On Monday Matt and I went and got a 3-D ultrasound, however Ethan wasn't so cooperative and enjoyed hiding his face from us. I get to go back next week for free to see if we can get some better pictures. It was fun to see him :)

He was sucking his thumb, playing with his fist, drinking that tasty amniotic fluid, and of course he showed us his goods again :) We were joking that he wasn't too shy to show his parts, but he was too shy to show his face, haha. It really was amazing getting to see him like that.... it's like a little window into my tummy. After I go back next week I'll post the pictures I get.

Nothing better than relaxing on the beach with my hubby :)

Hangin on the beach will my belly hangin out ;) 23 weeks pregnant.

While at the beach Matt and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary :) He took me out to a lovely seafood restaurant on the Newport Peninsula. We had a wonderful evening.

Grandparents and grandkids, including Ethan :)

The whole family together in the same place... this does not happen often.


Krista said…
i love love love that first picture of you and matt! so cute! your belly is cute. i want to see the 3d pictures! what day do you go back to try and get him to show his face?
Christy said…
great photos! You look cute in your bathing suite....does your mother know you bought a twp piece? He-he just kidding! I wonder why your little Ethan wont show his face but will moon the world? Oh thats right because hes YOURS! :) Love you! Christy
Anonymous said…

Heather shared your blog with me and it was so fun to read and see all your pictures. She told me she filled you in on my uncooperative little one. I'm very excited that you got to see Ethan again. What a blessing that little guy is already.


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