Baby Furniture

I finally decided upon, and ordered the baby furniture :) I ordered it from a store in Riverside, and hopefully it will be in in about 3-4 weeks. The crib looks exactly like what I ordered, I got it in white.

The only difference between this and what I ordered is the bottom, it doesn't quite look like that, and I ordered white. The main dresser and hutch are the same. You can use the top of the dresser as a changing table. I wanted this so that I could utilize the most space possible. Plus, I have more room to store books at the top.... I have TONS of books :) Ethan will be set!


Krista said…
is the crib the kalani? it looks like the one we want :) is it the emily or kalani dresser?
Christy said…
Cute! I cant wait to see the room all put together. Of course Ethan will be all organized and stuff I mean look at his mama. ;) Then he will start crawling and walking and un do it all for you. He,he!!
Marlene said…
Baby furniture is so fun to shop for, I like the bed and the storage you will have at your fingertips in Ethan's room. Good job Jess!
Baby Strollers said…
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