Ethan's Room

The furniture for Ethan's room came in a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd post a picture. Being that Matt is unable to lift anything, and I am out of commission for heavy lifting, Matt's parents were kind enough to go get our furniture from the store in Riverside, unload it from the truck, and carry it into the bedroom. They also put together the crib for us. I couldn't resist putting the bedding on so that I could see how it all looks :) I am very pleased with it. Thanks Mom W. for the crib and bedding!

I love the hutch because of the storage it has.... dresser space, a space for the changing pad, and bookshelves! I stuck some stuff up there, but that is not how I'm going to keep it. I want to find baskets that will fit on the shelves for the books, and I probably won't keep those frames up there.
Now we just need to paint all the trim in the bedroom, and patch and paint a couple of walls where I had shelves hanging. I also have an oak toy chest that I am going to re-finish and make white to match the furniture. I'll post more pictures once I am finished with everything :) It's exciting to see it come together. I can't wait until our little boy is here :)


indewoods said…
very very cute, Jess (and Matt)! love the polka-dots too!
Rob and Kelly said…
Very cute! I love the white crib with the bedding. I bet it looks really nice with the big windows in that room.
Christy said…
Cute!! I am so excited for you! The colors look great and so does the furniture. Your too cute!!

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