Here's What We've Been Up To....

I thought I'd share some pictures of our finished projects. We (and especially Matt), have been working VERY hard the past few months to get these things completed. Making the mudroom into an office proved to be quite a bit of work. I didn't think about taking before shots, so mostly I just have after shots. I do have a couple of old pictures of what the mudroom looked like when we first moved into the house, so it shows how different it is now. The first thing Matt did was install a new main electrical panel in the garage. This allowed him to take out the one in the mudroom, and have an electrical panel that would support an air conditioner (which we got installed in May...yippeee!). Next, he took out the water heater, which took up half of the pantry space. We got rid of it, and Matt installed a tankless water heater outside. This was his first foray into plumbing, and he was quit nervous before he began. He did a marvelous job and everything worked out. Now instead of a huge water heater in the mudroom, I have pantry space! Also, we have instant hot water in our bathrooms now. It's so fun to turn on the shower, and five seconds later the water is hot! Then he tore down the existing cabinets, and with the help of my brother, installed the counter top. Next he installed a new window and new door, and then the new cabinets. We are still going to install a shelf under the cabinets and above the counter top, however Home Depot has not had the shelf we want (a bracketless, white shelf) in stock for quite a while. Hopefully more will come in this week and I can just put it up. Making our once useless mudroom, into a very used and needed office, allowed us to move all of our office stuff, as well as my craft stuff, out of the extra bedroom (our house is only two bedrooms). Now we can make the extra bedroom into Ethan's room :) As with any project, it ended up being more work than he expected, but he did a great job. I am thankful to have such a handy husband!

This is what the mudroom used to look like when we first moved in. We painted it when we moved in, but I painted it a new shade just recently.

Here is what the mudroom, which is now the office, looks like now. The new lateral filing cabinet is just below the counter/desk. I had to show a picture of all of my pretty color coded files :) Everything is so organized! It feels great!

This is the new washer and dryer that I got...yipppeee! I love it! Now I can get all of those baby clothes that I will be washing nice and clean :) We got the stackables to save room. The cabinets that are next to them were supposed to go in the mudroom, but they were banged up really bad in delivery, so we got new ones. They didn't haul away the old ones, so Matt fixed one of them and put in the garage. Now I have some nice storage space in there as well! This is all very exciting for us :)

These are the shelves that Matt built in our garage. You can also see the drywall and paint job. Matt, Thomas, James and Jeff drywalled the garage all in one day. I primed and painted everything except for the shelves and above the shelves. It looks so pretty now! All we have to do is paint the floor, but Matt will have to do that after he recovers.

This may not seem like a very exciting picture, but for us it is thrilling. This is the first time since we have lived in our house that we can park both of our cars in the garage! There is absolutely nothing on the ground! Yippeeee!!!!

I'm sure you are wondering, why would I put a picture of an air conditioner? Well, I had to share this, because we finally got an air conditioner installed in our house! My very kind father in law, Sid had his guys install this for us at the very beginning of summer. This has made for one happy pregnant lady, let me tell you! We have a swamp cooler, and it actually works great, as long as it's not humid out. However on those humid days I am very happy to be able to use my air conditioner now. Thank you Sid!


Christy said…
Isn't it funny the things we get excited about now? The house looks great and I will be praying for Matt today. Love you friend.
Krista said…
It looks awesome! You guys did a lot of work! I bet it feels grreeeat to have it done!
Rhonda said…
Congratulations! It feels so good to finish projects, especially when it is making room for baby. It is encouraging for me to see and read about too as we are about to undertake a major kitchen overhaul before we even move in to our new house. Yay. By the way, Bruce and I are praying for a speedy recovery for Matt and that the surgery is absolutely successful.

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