Jolene's Baby Shower

I had a baby shower for Jolene at my house yesterday. She is 35 weeks in this picture, and I am 27 weeks. A few of our dear old friends came, along with my mom and Jolene's sister in law. At the end Kelly shared a special surprise with us... she's having twins! She is 11 1/2 weeks pregnant. I didn't believe her at first, it took a bit to sink in. Everyone is having babies! First it was all the wedding showers, now it's time for baby showers :)


Christy said…
Sooooo sooorrrryyy I had to miss out. It looks like you had tons of fun. We had a great time meeting our new nephew but I was thinking about you guys and missing you at the same time. Thanks for the coffee break Firday I needed that! Love you!
indewoods said…
Tell Matt we hope he gets better soon. You look really cute prego too.
Nick (and Julie)

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