My first attempt at digital scrapbooking

This is my first attempt at digital scrapbooking. I do scrapbook normally, I've just never tried to do it digitally. I made it for my mom. I'm pretty proud of myself because I learned how to do layers in Adobe Photoshop :) The best part is I got all the elements for free, so it didn't cost a thing. My mom is happy because she can print them out on nice paper and make a scrapbook of her own now. I think I'll make the rest of her scrapbook this way.... it was fun, and a more geeky way to use my creativity :)


Christy said…
Geeky? is that a word? Just kidding. Looks good to me and its fun huh?
Faithy said…
It looks great! And the fact that it was free makes it even better! Maybe Marlene would like a book too...Christmas gifts for both your moms made easy, then you can add to it once Ethan is born.
We should scrap for real once my kids are back in school.
Rhonda said…
Good job Jessica. Those look great.

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