Productive Mornings

Matt went back to work on Monday. We get up at 5:15, and I give him his breakfast and coffee and stuff, and then I drive him down to Redlands at 5:55. I meet up with my brother, who takes him the rest of the way. My brother works in Chino Hills, past Rancho where Matt works, so he drops him off. I get back home at 6:30 and it's been nice and cool out. On Monday I got home and did all the yard work, gave the dog a bath, had some breakfast, and got ready.... all by 9:00 am! Then I went grocery shopping and did dinner stuff later on. Matt was very pleased with the beer battered fish tacos I made (a very special treat because I never fry anything). Tuesday I was pooped and crawled back into the bed until 8:00. Today after I got home I washed and vacuumed both cars, then a little later took one of them to get serviced. Although I don't enjoy waking up so early, I guess I've been more motivated to get some stuff done since it's so much cooler out at that time of the day. On Monday Matt's mom drove out and picked him up, Tuesdays and Thursdays James Oates is taking him home, today Jerrod is taking him home, so that means I only have to drive out and pick him up on Friday, which is nice. Thank goodness for the people helping us out! After this week, we have two more weeks of this, and then hopefully Matt will be able to drive again.


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