Update on Matt

It has now been 12 days since Matt's surgery. We went back to Van Nuys last Tuesday and saw the Dr., and much to his relief Matt got his big clunky cast removed. They also removed his stitches. They made him a splint, which he can remove, but still wears a majority of the time. He still has to stay completely off of his right foot for five more weeks, so he continues to hobble around on his crutches. He has gotten a lot faster with them and at least the splint is much lighter than the cast. He spends the majority of the day in the chair because he needs to keep his leg elevated as much as possible. He has his laptop, so that helps. Cookie thinks it's great.... she is a lap dog and loves to cuddle. She is loving all of the available lap space right now. Matt is going to stay at home another week, and then he'll try going back to work....which will be interesting. He is thinking maybe he'll bring a backpack to work so that he can at least carry some stuff around. To get him to work I will have to take him to Redlands, and then my brother will take him the rest of the way. My brother works in Chino Hills, so it is past Rancho where Matt works. Hopefully we'll only have to do that for two weeks and then he'll be able to drive again. I've been a good caretaker, cooking and taking care of Matt. I've tried to be patient :) I will be VERY happy when he can get around again. It has made me more grateful for all of the things he normally does. I guess it is preparing me for motherhood in a few months, when I will be taking care of a little baby who can't do anything for himself. It could take up to a year for Matt's ankle to fully heal and for the cartridge to grow back. Praise God for two legs that work! We pray that Matt's ankle will heel very nicely and that he'll be walking without pain.


Christy said…
hey Matt, you look like you have a little five o'clock shadow going there! Dont thin this whole leg m=being injured thing will get you out of diaper duty! Just kidding, I am sure Jess will have you making this up to her.
MiniMe Mom said…
Congrats! I did not even realize you were preggos! That is so exciting!

Hope you guys are doing well:-)

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