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My Baby Shower

Here I am at 34 1/2 weeks pregnant, and on my way to my baby shower. My friend Faithy was so sweet to throw me an awesome shower. Despite difficulties with people finding the house due to a lack of a street sign (which we didn't realize was missing until people were telling us), and Yucaipa Blvd. being closed down for a few blocks, everyone made it. So many people came and showered me with SO MANY great gifts. I am so blessed! It was so fun to see everyone. It was a little surreal that we were having a baby shower for me.... and even more surreal to think that in only 6 weeks or so I will have a little baby. I have just about everything I need now... people were so very kind and generous (including my brother who wasn't at the shower but brought me loads of gifts). I posted some pictures, but unfortunately I didn't get a picture with everyone who came. I'm hoping my mother in law got a bunch more and she'll send them to me.

Me with Faithy

Kelly (with her lit…

Adventures in Hollywood

Yesterday morning I was ready at 7:00 so that I could head down to Hollywood with Faith and her sister to see a taping of the Dr. Phil show. Well, Faith's sister got stuck in bad traffic trying to get here from San Diego, and didn't make it until 8:30. We promptly left, but after traffic and a little trip down a wrong freeway, it took us another two hours to get to the Paramount Studious in Hollywood. We were supposed to arrive between 9:00 and 10:00, and we got there at 10:30, so we weren't that late. Even though Faith had tickets, I guess admission is based on a first come first serve basis. When we arrived they told us we would most likely still be able to get in, so we stood in line for an hour. Then they told us we may or may not be able to, that we could leave and go get lunch and come back in another hour to find out. By this time we figured who cares, we didn't want to waste more time waiting and find we were still unable to get into the show. We left an…

A Few Random Thoughts

I just have a few random things to say today.
I am VERY excited that Matt drove himself to work today for the first time since his surgery. That means I don't have to get up at 5:30 after not sleeping well anyhow to take him, or pick him up in the afternoons! yippee! He also started physical therapy yesterday, so hopefully he is right on track to getting back on his feet.I have been having bad back pain again :( No fun. It had gotten better for a while, but now it's back... especially when I sleep.Sleeping is still difficult. I have had a few nights where I have slept for a full 5 hours straight, and that was exciting. I wake up a lot because I am uncomfortable, or my back hurts, or my sides are asleep, etc.
My belly pain is still there... and it hurts if I do anything. If I'm resting or sitting, it is okay. I really miss going for walks and doing active things. I'm starting to feel like a lazy sloth. I have a Dr. apt. today so it will be good to finally see …

Getting closer

Yesterday we went to Van Nuys to see Matt's doctor for his ankle. After driving for almost two hours, and then waiting for over an hour, the visit was pretty short. Matt got a walking boot, and was told he still has to use two crutches this week and put a little pressure on his foot. Then next week he can move to one crutch, then the following week he can go to no crutches. He has to do physical therapy at least twice a week, and we'll go back in another four weeks. He still cant' drive for 10 more days :( I wasn't expecting him to be able to hop up and return back to normal all of the sudden, but I was hoping he'd be able to drive starting today. After Matt's Dr. apt., we got to meet up with one of the pastor's who used to be at our church, and his wife, so that was really nice. We headed home at 2:30, and traffic was a little thick, but not horrible. All totaled it was about 4 hours of driving, which really pooped me out... especially combined wi…

33 Weeks

I survived my week of subbing, and it went well. It was fun to see all the kids and staff and parents at RCS. However it was much harder teaching being in my 8th month of pregnancy. Standing out in the hot sun to do duties seemed MUCH harder than before, not to mention I just felt all around more tired. One new development of the week is that my stomach muscles have separated. Apparently for a lot of people this is painless, however for some reason it has caused me a lot of pain. I have an area on my right side, next to my belly button that feels like I pulled a muscle. When I rest it feels fine, but as soon as I stand and start doing things, it kills me.... even just cooking makes it hurt really bad. Then every time I laugh or use my abs, it also hurts really bad. The nurse practitioner said it won't get better until after I deliver. I have yet to see the doctor about it, but only spoke to the nurse practitioner on the phone. My next Dr. apt. isn't until the 25th. …


It's almost Friday!! I am more happy for the weekend than I've been in a long time! This week has gone really well and it's been fun to be back at RCS, I'm just tired :)

I was tagged by my friend Krista, so here it is!

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8 Random Things About Me....
1) Funny stupid movies are my favorites to watch... especially movies with Will Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, or Ben Stiller.
2) When I started college I was convinced I wanted to be a criminologist. After not being able to handle all the science and math classes I switched over to Liberal Studies and then became a …

Back At School

On Sunday night I got a call to come in and sub for one of the second grade teachers at RCS. I said I'd do it, being that second grade is my specialty and all ;) Well turns out the teacher has mono, and is highly contageous for 5-7 days.... so here I am subbing the rest of the week. While I don't mind, and I love the kids, I am very grateful that I don't have to do this full time anymore while I'm this far along in my pregnancy. I am POOPED! It doesn't help that I have to get up at 5:15 to take Matt to Redlands, then rush back to get ready and go to RCS.... not to mention that I'm not sleeping well.

I was sad not to be going back to teaching, so it's nice to get the teaching bug out of my system for now :) The kids that I've had in years past have been so cute, and excited to see me. When I left in June I didn't really have a belly yet, so they all think it's great that now they can tell I'm having a baby. It's funny, it feels like I'…

31 1/2 weeks

I thought I'd post another belly shot :) Here I am at 31 1/2 weeks. I am still feeling good, although sleep is getting much harder. I wake up to use the bathroom, and then after that about once an hour or so because my arm and my hip are numb, so I have to flip over to the other side. Some say this is preparing me for the baby... I say "please just let me enjoy the last 8 weeks of sleep and maybe I can stock up"! I feel like my due date is very close now. I'd better get on the ball and get my to do list completed! This next week will hopefully be the last full week that Matt has to be on crutches. He has his next Dr. apt. on the 18th and we are hoping he'll be able to start walking at that point.


I found this video and thought it was really funny..... enjoy.

Art Project

Matt and I enjoy wine, and whenever we finish a bottle we keep the cork. That is a picture of some of our corks.... keep in mind that is more than five years of corks :) I decided to finally make use of some of those corks and make a little bulletin board out of them. On some of the corks we wrote what we were drinking the wine for (anniversary, birthday, just for fun, etc), so it was fun to go back through them and dig up some old memories :)

A close up of some corks. The Hunt cellars one is from our favorite winery in Paso Robles.

The finished product hanging on the wall :)

15 Random Things To Do For Free

As many of you know I am not teaching this year, as I want to stay home with my baby. I have started a business, but being pregnant really limits me and so I'm waiting until after I have the baby to really put a lot of effort into it. Thus we have gone from two steady incomes down to one. This is a bit of a difficult adjustment, but I’m sure as time goes on we’ll get used to it. Right now is a particularly odd time for me, as it is the first time in my life I'm not going back to school as either a student or a teacher. I still have two months to go before the baby arrives, and while I am enjoying this peaceful time, I feel like my life is in limbo.... not teaching, yet not caring for a baby.In the interest of amusing myself, and not spending money, I’ve compiled a list of things to do for free. These things aren't all necessarily fun, but they are appealing to me :)
Find interesting blogs to read online.Once you start clicking on links, you never know where y…