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Off to the hospital...

Well, it's 11:30 and I just called the hospital. It's a slow night, and they have a bed for me, so off we go! I spent the day resting and relaxing at home.... I figured I'd better conserve energy for what lies ahead, and this was my last chance to just lay around. I was pretty anxious all day, but I'm also very excited. Matt and I have just been watching TV and laying on the couch all evening. We also went and got a bite to eat. It feels so weird to know that this was our last night together with just the two of us. All these months of anticipation and excitement have all led to this, which I know is just the beginning of a whole new journey. We pray for a healthy baby, and a quick delivery for me :) Lord willing we will be back soon and I will have some pictures to share. Thank you for all of your prayers!

Happy Halloween!

We get together with a group of friends every Tuesday and have dinner. This week we decided to dress up since it's the day before Halloween. Matt and I painted my belly like a pumpkin.

The hardest part was actually getting into those tights.... I almost killed myself, and then I felt like I was going to suffocate in them, so I hardly wore them, haha. It was fun though, it looked like I was really holding a pumpkin. It's Ethan's first Halloween and he doesn't even know it! Tomorrow is his last day in my belly.... that is such a crazy thought.

Matt is a crazy mechanic

Leighann, me, Megan, Carmen & Faithy

Jeff, Thomas, Grady, James, & Matt
Hope you all have a great Halloween/Reformation Day!

Matt's 29th Birthday

Matt turned 29 on Friday, and we celebrated all weekend long. On Friday the fam came over for dessert (I made a mud pie). On Saturday we went out to the Elephant Bar with Danny, Jolene and Christian. Then to finish off the weekend we are going over to my mom's tonight for dinner. I was having contractions on Saturday, so I got all excited... but they stopped after a few hours, so no Ethan yet. Will he come sooner than Thursday? I wouldn't mind at all :) I kind of forget what it feels like not to be pregnant. My sleepless nights due to discomfort will soon be sleepless nights taking care of my little one :)

A Baby by Thursday

I had my last Doctor's appointment today. My doctor said I am 2-3 cm dilated and about 60% effaced. I told him I'm ready to have this baby. He scheduled an inducement time for me next Wednesday at midnight (so really it will be Thursday, Nov. 1st). He told me he doesn't think I'll make it until then, but he said "I have been wrong, so you never know". He just thinks with the way things are progressing that Ethan will come before then. Either way, he will be here by Thursday! I am very excited. If I do go in to be induced, he said they'll just give me a bit of pitocin and hopefully things will happen quickly since I am already dilated and ready. My official due date (which I've gone back and forth on), isn't actually until Nov. 5th, so it looks like I at least for sure won't have to go over that.... what a relief! I feel very ready..... at least as ready as I'll ever be. Everything is in order, and my body is done being pregnant,…
This picture was taken on Tuesday, at 38 weeks along. I've been staying inside out of the smoke and taking it easy. Yesterday Matt got to work and the power was out in his building, so he got to come home for the day, which was nice :) Yesterday morning my friend Danielle (who is a massage therapist) came over and gave me a massage, which was wonderful. She showed me the pressure points that can put you into labor, so I was joking that if I get desperate I am going to start rubbing them. Last night I had the best night of sleep that I've had in a while, I only woke up a few times, and was able to fall right back asleep. Maybe it was a gift before I go into labor ;) I am going to clean my house today as best as I can. It's kind of difficult with this huge, low belly. It may be my last chance for a few weeks.... or it may not. Tomorrow is Matt's birthday. We keep joking that Ethan is holding out for his Daddy's birthday, so it would be really funny if he w…

Just waiting now

No baby yet :) After my doctor's appointment on Friday Matt and I came home and installed the car seat, put together the Pack N Play, set up the baby monitors and figured out what batteries we need for all of our baby gear. We also put the hospital bag in the car, so we are officially ready! I haven't really had any painful contractions, I'm still just having Braxton Hicks contractions. I suppose it could happen anytime, or it could still be a week or two away. I'll post on my blog when I'm on my way to the hospital :)

Yesterday I went and got my toes done and ran a couple of errands, then came home and started on Ethan's baby book. I scrapped the ultrasound pictures, and today I hope to get another page finished with some of the pictures of my belly growing. I got my teeth cleaned this morning, and then met my mom for coffee. She didn't have to work due to the fires. It's nice to be able to finish up a few last things before my time is very lim…

Wow, it's close I guess

Here I am today, at 37 weeks (almost 38). I feel absolutely huge! My belly is so tight, there is no more room for Ethan. The lower back pain is pretty bad right now. I had my doctor appointment today, and my Dr. told me the baby had definitely dropped (he could feel the head down really low). He also checked me and said I am 1-2 cm dilated, and that my cervix is definitely thinning (is it your cervix that thins?? Whatever it is that thins, it is brain is a little dense right now). He thinks Ethan may come a little early. I guess it could happen at any time! Kinda crazy! I haven't really had any real contractions yet, only Braxton Hicks ones. I guess we'll see what happens :) Matt's birthday is next Friday, so it would be funny if Ethan decided to share a birthday with his Daddy.

Look down lower (at Wednesday's post), and I have pictures of my belly from the past nine months.

More Burp Rags

I sewed some more today with my friend Christy, and made a few more burp rags. With each thing I sew, I get a little better. I am proud of myself, I went from not sewing last week, to sewing three full days this week and having some finished projects.

Progression of the belly

I thought it would be kind of fun to show the progression of my belly over the past 9 months. I've posted many of these on my blog, but it's fun to look at them all together :) They are all down below. Looking back.... I can't even remember having a belly that flat! haha. I can't wait to be able to bend over again and feel limber!

8 weeks
15 weeks... and just starting to show
17 weeks

20 weeks

22 weeks
25 weeks
28 weeks
29 weeks
31 weeks
33 weeks
A funny front shot taken during my 34th week.

34 weeks (and on my way to my shower)
35 weeks (and this was taken on my birthday)

Sewing & Other Updates

On Monday I got to go to Glen Ivy Hot Springs with Jolene and spend the day relaxing. It was Jolene's first day away from her baby Christian. It was a wonderful day. We sat around in the various spas (don't worry, I didn't stay in them for too long), did the mud, had a nice lunch, and just relaxed. It was a very nice day, and we're going to do it again after I have Ethan. If you've never been to Glen Ivy... go! It is the best spa around. You don't even have to get a massage... it's just fun to go relax and enjoy the beautiful facilities.

Yesterday Matt had another post-op appointment. with his ankle surgeon in Van Nuys. After rushing and driving for two hours to get to our 9:40 appointment, we had to wait another two hours to see the doctor. He then spent all of 8 minutes talking to Matt and looking at his ankle. It was pretty much "everything looks good, keep up the good work, see you in six more weeks". Matt also got a little ankle br…

The Room is Ready!

I am so happy to have finally finished Ethan's room. Yesterday I finished putting a few more things away, put together the swing that I went and got from Babies R Us, washed a few more things, and then cleaned the floors. Now it is officially ready for our little baby :) I feel relieved to have it all ready. I decided I like my artwork for now, so it will stay until I tire of it :) The only thing I have left to do is paint the wooden letters I have that spell out Ethan's name. Hopefully I'll do that this afternoon and then get them hung. I tried to take a picture from each angle, but obviously it's always hard to tell how a room really looks from pictures.