Happy Halloween!

We get together with a group of friends every Tuesday and have dinner. This week we decided to dress up since it's the day before Halloween. Matt and I painted my belly like a pumpkin.

The hardest part was actually getting into those tights.... I almost killed myself, and then I felt like I was going to suffocate in them, so I hardly wore them, haha. It was fun though, it looked like I was really holding a pumpkin. It's Ethan's first Halloween and he doesn't even know it! Tomorrow is his last day in my belly.... that is such a crazy thought.

Matt is a crazy mechanic

Leighann, me, Megan, Carmen & Faithy

Jeff, Thomas, Grady, James, & Matt
Hope you all have a great Halloween/Reformation Day!


Jill said…
GREAT pictures! I have to say, though, Mark's pretty jealous of the whole pumpkin belly painting thing. He has mentioned numerous times that he wants to paint my belly like a pumpkin, and I haven't been the best sport! It looks so real on your belly...very funny!!!
krista said…
i love it. matt's costume was pretty good too. he looks hilarious in the picture of the boys. those teeth are gnarly.
enjoy feeling him kick inside of you for one more day!! i am so excited for you!!! (and a lil bit jealous that you are at this point!) :)
5KidMom said…
No fair that you are so stretch mark free!!!!! Your pumpkin is awesome, but I am WAY jealous!! So glad Ethan is coming in less than 48 hours. Hurry!!!
loi v said…
you are nuts!!! that is the craziest thing i have ever seen! so excited to see ethan's pics!
Christy said…
ok, your belly freaked me out! I thought it was a pumpkin when I first saw it. So cute!You guys look great but really I think you should take Matt to see a dentist! ;) Happy Halloween sweet Ethan, cant wait to meet you, your going to be beautiful!
5KidMom said…
I think you're going to deserve a week at the spa more than us by the time this week is through. Of course, you'll get a different knid of reward, huh? 8^) Thinking of you, friend!!
indewoods said…
hope all goes well in the upcoming hours... or days :0)

can't wait to meet Ethan!
Patty said…
That is too hilarious! Love it.
So excited for you guys! Just a few more hours until you head for the hospital. I'll be thinking of you and praying for a smooth and quick delivery. :)
Can't wait to meet Ethan!
Lauren said…
Okay, I can't decide if that pumpkin thing is cool or disturbing. I guess as Matt would say "it's only kinky the first time."

Glad your little one has arrived safe and sound! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Brad says congrats!

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