I need your opinion...

I finished the artwork I was making for Ethan's room, and Matt hung for me.... but I'm not sure if I like it. I like the hooks, and the way I painted them, and they are for sure staying. However I'm not so sure about the artwork itself. It's kind of modern, and I painted the canvases, and then decoupaged shapes onto them (with the paper you sent me Krista... thank you!). Just so you know, I'm not much into themes and having the room look "baby". I like a more modern look, and I was trying to match the bedding, so that is what I was shooting for. Anyhow, what I need are some honest opinions... so please give them to me! Should I find different artwork??


Anonymous said…
Hey Jess,
Weeeellll, they're really nice, but not what I'd think of in a nursery. But that's me. That is also a really big wall, and maybe they're just too small? Maybe you could make or find a bigger anchor piece and use them for accent? Now I'm just rambling! I'm sure whatever you do will look great, and Ethan won't really be able to express an opinion for a while anyway, so you don't need to worry about that... :-) love, Annette
loi v said…
jess!!! i love it! how did you girls all become so creative! does being pregnant do that to you! cuz, i need some creativity! j/k....well, not that way at least!
krista said…
i think that they look great. i love the coordination of it all. his bedding is that sorta modern look so i think that the art you did looks great and i love that you used your creativity...makes it meaningful :) i would definitely keep them there. i really think it looks good. if you decide you don't like them there, i think they would look good hung close together, all three in a straight row. but i don't know what your wall space is like in there! whatever you decide to do---i like the art :)
Christy said…
Hi Jess, I'm with you; I am not into the whole "baby" pink and blue winnie the pooh room thing either. I prefer the more modern room that they grow with. I love the pictures you did. I would maybe center the crib under them but other than that I think its great!! He's going to LOVE his room and what a labor of love. Fun! Fun! Good job girl.........oh and that's my honest opinion! :)
Marlene said…
Hi Jess,
Good job on the burp cloths!! See, you can sew! I like the decorations you made for the wall, you are very creative.
Remember, you can do little boy things to hang up too, they can always be changed as the baby grows up without having to change anything else.
Great job, we are ready to see Ethan too!!

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