Just waiting now

No baby yet :) After my doctor's appointment on Friday Matt and I came home and installed the car seat, put together the Pack N Play, set up the baby monitors and figured out what batteries we need for all of our baby gear. We also put the hospital bag in the car, so we are officially ready! I haven't really had any painful contractions, I'm still just having Braxton Hicks contractions. I suppose it could happen anytime, or it could still be a week or two away. I'll post on my blog when I'm on my way to the hospital :)

Yesterday I went and got my toes done and ran a couple of errands, then came home and started on Ethan's baby book. I scrapped the ultrasound pictures, and today I hope to get another page finished with some of the pictures of my belly growing. I got my teeth cleaned this morning, and then met my mom for coffee. She didn't have to work due to the fires. It's nice to be able to finish up a few last things before my time is very limited :) I keep thinking "is he going to come today??" I feel ready for him to get here, and I am really excited. Maybe Matt will get a son for his birthday on Friday ;)

I posted a few baby pictures of Matt and I. My mom is trying to find my baby album to find a better picture of me.

Matt at 2 1/2 months old
Matt at 6 weeks old
Matt as a newborn in the hospital

Me at 2 1/2 months old

Me at one week old.


krista said…
i'm so glad you posted. i have officially been stalking your blog, just waiting...and wondering if you are at the hospital yet!! sounds like you guys are all packed and ready, and you are just having time to enjoy yourself now---perfect!!
Patty said…
Love the pics of you and Matt as babes! So fun. :P Can't wait to see who Ethan looks like!
Rob and Kelly said…
I too have been reading your blog hoping to find new info.Sounds like you are still quite productive! Any day now!
Anonymous said…
Hey Jess,
I remember when Matt was born! I'd forgotten the barf carpet, though. Thanks. :-)
Oh, and don't necessarily expect contractions first...with E. my water broke at 3am and I didn't really start contractions until almost 2 hours later. But she was born by 7am, so that was cool! Fast, intense, but nice to get it over with!
Love ya, Annette
(or as J. says,'Unca-Net" :-)
Anonymous said…
Your kids have no choice but to be unbelievably cute!
Annette :-)
Jill said…
How fun to see the baby pictures of you and Matt! It seems so crazy to hear you say that Ethan could come any day. How fast time flies, huh?!
loi v said…
oh so exciting! i am anxious with you! love you both! great pics too!
Christy said…
I'm ready!!!!! Let's go baby Ethan! Oh and Happy Birthday to the new daddy to be! Miss you friend! Love Christy

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