Matt's 29th Birthday

Matt turned 29 on Friday, and we celebrated all weekend long. On Friday the fam came over for dessert (I made a mud pie). On Saturday we went out to the Elephant Bar with Danny, Jolene and Christian. Then to finish off the weekend we are going over to my mom's tonight for dinner. I was having contractions on Saturday, so I got all excited... but they stopped after a few hours, so no Ethan yet. Will he come sooner than Thursday? I wouldn't mind at all :) I kind of forget what it feels like not to be pregnant. My sleepless nights due to discomfort will soon be sleepless nights taking care of my little one :)


Christy said…
aahhhh, cute pictures! Nice belly shot Matt! Dan wants to know if you've "popped" yet Jess. Hurry up cause' I have a present for you and you cant have it till' I see the babe........who knows you could be hiding a pillow under there just to get gifts! he,hheeeee! Love you friend, stay healthy and strong its almost over. :)
Jill said…
What fun pictures from Matt's birthday! I especially like the one of Matt and Sid...never seen a smile quite like that from Sid before!

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