My 26th Birthday

Here I am at 35 weeks pregnant on the morning of my birthday just before my doctor's appointment. Starting this week I have them every week now. Matt got me an awesome espresso maker for my birthday. I like to make latte's a lot, and my other cheap espresso maker broke a few weeks ago, so he got me a really nice one. He did good, I love it :) After my doctor's appointment we came home and Danny, Jolene and Christian came over. We headed up to Oak Glen and had some lunch at Apple Annie's. Then we went over to Los Rios Ranch (also in Oak Glen) and played around in the grass and enjoyed the crisp autumn air. Christian did great, he was all bundled up since it was so cold. We came back to our house and hung out for a while after that, and then went to Ooka's in Riverside. We sat at the Hibachi grill and had a yummy meal. It's a great place to bring a baby because it's really loud. It was a very fun day and I felt very special and loved :) The festivities aren't even over yet because tonight my mom is making me a meal and we're going over there to celebrate my birthday with her :)

Soaking up some sun and laying in the grass.... ahhhh.
We take a lot of pictures of ourselves like this, they always turn out pretty nice because Matt has long arms :)

The sun was out and it was cold and crisp... it felt like fall!

The Flores family under an apple tree.

Jolene made me a delicious and beautiful birthday cake :) I had a piece for breakfast this morning....mmmm ;)

This is at the hibachi grill at Ooka's.


Christy said…
yay for birthdays and good friends! We were up in Oak Glen as well. Morgan's class had a field trip early in the morning and it was FREEZING cold and rainy; looks like you guys got the best part of the day. Happy birthday my friend. Love you!
Rob and Kelly said…
How fun! Jess you look great! I'm glad you were able to enjoy your birthday and that cake looks great!
loi v said…
Looks like you guys had a blast! again, happy birthday!

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