Playing around with the camera

I am now 35 weeks along. We were taking pictures of ourselves the other day, this was my favorite one. Good news.... I've had less pain in that muscle in my belly for the past few days. It's been hurting still, but way less than before. I have been wearing that brace whenever I do something, and trying to stand straighter (when I remember), and it seems to be helping. Now my biggest issue is the back pain... but I don't think it will be going anywhere until after I have Ethan. We never did take any childbirth classes, but we are going to take a tour of the maternity ward at the hospital tonight. I was talking to my friend Julie, who also delivered at the same hospital, and didn't take any classes, and she reassured me that the nurses coach you through everything anyhow. I have been reading a lot, so I don't feel like I'm in the dark or anything. I've also been watching a lot of the Discovery Health Channel, and I've seen quite a few normal births and C-sections, epidurals being administered, and some other crazy high risk births. They show everything with the C-sections, so I can now say I know exactly what that looks like! Hopefully I won't have to have one of those, but you never know.

This Friday is my 26th birthday. It's kind of funny, my mom had me, her first baby, when she was 26, and I will also have my first baby at 26. We are going to go to Oak Glen in the afternoon with Danny and Jolene and Christian, and then I think we are going to Ooka's in Riverside for dinner. Ooka's is like Bennihana's with hibachi grills and a sushi bar (although no sushi for me yet). I can't WAIT to have sushi again....mmmmmm.


Christy said…
cute photo!! I hope your birthday is special and you feel loved becuase you are! Have a blessesd day and take pictures when you all are in Oak Glen. Oh and I am sure watching TV births is the same as giving birth right? hey what do I know? Mine are adopted remember? You silly girl! :)
Rob and Kelly said…
No classes? What? AHHH that would freak me out! Maybe its because I have to squeeze two watermelons through a pringles can (sorry for the visual) that freak me out! I hope you have a great birthday. That food sounds goooood!
krista said…
you guys are so cute. i hope that you have a great birthday!! sounds like you have a fun time planned! enjoy these last few weeks :)
Rhonda said…
Cute picture! Mostly the classes teach you how to manage your pain and prepare you for what will happen at the hospital while you're there. Classes or not, that baby's coming and you will just want it out :) You'll do great! AND have a happy birthday. Sounds like fun.
DonnaG said…
That is one beautiful picture. Frame it. I would except it would be weird to have a picture of your husband in my house. :)

No worries on the childbirth classes. The only thing and I mean the ONLY THING I remember from those classes was the instruction on pushing with my abdomen and not my face. I remembered that in the delivery room and it helped. Everything left me.
5KidMom said…
Imagine our family of 7 singing (mostly on key).....



I had to laugh when I read about you watching so many TV births. Those shows were just getting popular when I was pregnant with Justin. Even though I had already given birth twice, and taken classes, I was totally enthralled. The only bad part was that I really had to focus on not letting myself try to push when the women on the show started pushing. I think it must be a natural instinct or something, because it was really hard sometimes. 8^)
krista said…
happy birthday to YOU
happy birthday to YOU!
happy birthday dear jess...

Have a FUN day :)

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