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As I type, I am drinking a yummy latte right now that I made in my new espresso machine that Matt got me for my birthday :) It works so great! I feel like I'm back at the coffee shop when I use it (my very first job when I was 16 was at a coffee/bagel shop).

The final countdown is on.... I only have 4 or 5 more weeks until little Ethan arrives. It seems very close now. We are really anxious and excited. I can't wait to meet this little baby that has been growing inside my womb for so many weeks now. I am hoping to get our bag for the hospital packed today or tomorrow, or at the very least by the end of the week. I can tell Ethan is running out of room now, it feels like it's so tight in there. He still kicks a lot, it just feels different. Sometimes he keeps hitting the same exact place on my belly (with his knee or elbow or foot or something), and it kind of hurts. It's funny because quite often when we watch my belly we can see these big lumps sticking out from him. I've also noticed a few noises that startle him, which is funny too. He jumps immediately when a noise startles him. One of those was this morning when I was laying in bed and I cracked my hip (crack as in pop... I am horrible about this, I pop my neck, back, hips, etc....it's gross and bad for me, I know...but it is so relieving sometimes).

The craft bug has hit me lately. I've been working on some artwork for Ethan's room, and I'll post some pictures when I'm finished. I have been wanting to try to make some cute burp rags, and so yesterday I went to JoAnn's to get some fabric because they were having a big sale. Now, let me tell you this was a big deal for me... I have a brand new sewing machine (that I got for Christmas a few years ago) that I have worked up the courage to use twice. One of the times I had guidance from my friend Faith, the other time was a mess when I tried to use it on my own. The thing kind of scares me and I feel like such a klutz when I use it. I realize the only way I 'll get better is if I practice, so I think burp rags are a great starter project. While buying fabric I realized I have no good scissors that will cut fabric, so I had to get a pair of those. Then I realized I don't have any colored string, or pins, or a pin cushin, so I also had to buy those. Anyhow, after buying quite a bit more than I had set out to buy, I am hoping I am ready to do my little project. I am going to do it next week, so I'll post pictures of that too. As for now, I need to get ready and go to the grocery store and Costco so that I can buy some food. We have dinner with a group of friends every Tuesday, and tonight is my turn to cook. I'm making chili and cornbread.


Christy said…
ok Jess, I am working on two sewing projects right now; a quilt for Dan and liners for my kids halloween pails so if you need help next week give me a hollar!! My mom bought me my first sewing machine when Morgan was born and I was so scared of that thing till' Rhonda helped me get my feet wet one time and now I LOVE it! You can do it friend.
Rob and Kelly said…
The craft bug has hit me too! I painted letters of their name and picture frames. I haven't gotten the sewing bug but burp rags sounds like a good practice item. At least you don't have to worry about them starting out pretty :)

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