Sewing & Other Updates

On Monday I got to go to Glen Ivy Hot Springs with Jolene and spend the day relaxing. It was Jolene's first day away from her baby Christian. It was a wonderful day. We sat around in the various spas (don't worry, I didn't stay in them for too long), did the mud, had a nice lunch, and just relaxed. It was a very nice day, and we're going to do it again after I have Ethan. If you've never been to Glen Ivy... go! It is the best spa around. You don't even have to get a massage... it's just fun to go relax and enjoy the beautiful facilities.

Yesterday Matt had another post-op appointment. with his ankle surgeon in Van Nuys. After rushing and driving for two hours to get to our 9:40 appointment, we had to wait another two hours to see the doctor. He then spent all of 8 minutes talking to Matt and looking at his ankle. It was pretty much "everything looks good, keep up the good work, see you in six more weeks". Matt also got a little ankle brace that he can now wear with his shoes and not longer has to wear the huge boot... so it is good that he is making such great progress. It was a bit frustrating that we had to spend an entire day for what amounted to such a short and uneventful appointment. On the bright side, we stopped for lunch in Pasadena at P.F. Changs, so that was nice. Today poor Matt came down with the flu at work. Since he had missed all of yesterday with the doctor's appointment, he decided to stick it out. When he came home and promptly crawled in the bed and wants nothing to do with food. Poor guy :( I hope he gets better soon and that I don't get it! That's all I need this late in my pregnancy.

Speaking of pregnancy.... it's getting close to the end for me! The doctor has my due date around November 10th now, so I have a little over three weeks to go... kinda crazy. Today I at least got our hospital bag packed, so now we're ready to go. We are really excited to meet our baby boy. I'm also nervous about getting him out of me! At least at this point, I do feel ready.

This past weekend my mom was kind enough to come over and teach me how to sew. I must say, she was very patient and kind to spend her afternoon doing that with me. She taught me how to make a pattern, how to measure and pin, do the bobbin thing, sew ribbon, and all kinds of other stuff. I wanted to make burp rags, so that's what we did. It was a success, and I ended up not only learning how to sew, but making a usable burp rag! I was very proud of myself. Thanks mom! While my mom was here, she also mended a couple of things for me, and as you can see Cookie helped her. Today I spent the entire afternoon sewing some more. I made myself three more burp rags, and a heat pack (the kind that's filled with rice). Now Ethan can spit up on some stylish burp rags ;)


Rob and Kelly said…
Wow! Good job Jess! Those look really nice. The pic with your mom and Cookie is funny.
5KidMom said…
Great job!! Go Mom (& Grandma)!! You're ready for Ethan now. 8^)
loi v said…
k...i was so sad reading about you guys going to glen ivy. i am soooo jealous. it would be nice to just sit in a clean pool here.

again, you have impressed me with your creative skills! love it!

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