This picture was taken on Tuesday, at 38 weeks along. I've been staying inside out of the smoke and taking it easy. Yesterday Matt got to work and the power was out in his building, so he got to come home for the day, which was nice :) Yesterday morning my friend Danielle (who is a massage therapist) came over and gave me a massage, which was wonderful. She showed me the pressure points that can put you into labor, so I was joking that if I get desperate I am going to start rubbing them. Last night I had the best night of sleep that I've had in a while, I only woke up a few times, and was able to fall right back asleep. Maybe it was a gift before I go into labor ;) I am going to clean my house today as best as I can. It's kind of difficult with this huge, low belly. It may be my last chance for a few weeks.... or it may not. Tomorrow is Matt's birthday. We keep joking that Ethan is holding out for his Daddy's birthday, so it would be really funny if he were born on Friday.
Ahhhh.... the life. I don't think Cookie is as excited about Ethan as we are ;) No longer will she be the baby around here.


Christy said…
ahh, you look great! I have hear women say that they sleep really great right before they go into labor; wouldn't that be funny if that was your gift? I am checking in on you daily! I will clean your house for you by the way! :) Love you!
5KidMom said…
Friday sounds like the perfect day for Ethan to come to me. Now we just have to wait and see if he agrees. 8^)

I wish I'd had a massage therapist friend when I was pregnant. What an awesome gift!
Jill said…
Hang in there, Jessica! I wish I were close. My nights are awful right now, and I'm starting to just feel achy and uncomfortable...sounds about like your posts back at 34 weeks! Hope you have him soon. :)

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