Wow, it's close I guess

Here I am today, at 37 weeks (almost 38). I feel absolutely huge! My belly is so tight, there is no more room for Ethan. The lower back pain is pretty bad right now. I had my doctor appointment today, and my Dr. told me the baby had definitely dropped (he could feel the head down really low). He also checked me and said I am 1-2 cm dilated, and that my cervix is definitely thinning (is it your cervix that thins?? Whatever it is that thins, it is brain is a little dense right now). He thinks Ethan may come a little early. I guess it could happen at any time! Kinda crazy! I haven't really had any real contractions yet, only Braxton Hicks ones. I guess we'll see what happens :) Matt's birthday is next Friday, so it would be funny if Ethan decided to share a birthday with his Daddy.

Look down lower (at Wednesday's post), and I have pictures of my belly from the past nine months.


Leanne said…
Jessica! I just found your blog from Loi's page. You are TOO cute! And the room looks awesome! I will be thinking of you and prayin' for ya these next few days...and months! :)Yea! I am SO excited for you guys!

5KidMom said…
Sounds pretty imminent to me. How exciting!! I'll be sure to keep your family in my prayers as we all await the big day. 8^)
Anonymous said…
YAY! I hope you do go early. Going over is certainly no picnic. Love the belly timeline. So excited for you and Matt! I can't wait until you get to hold little Ethan in your arms. It is just the greatest! ~ Patty
krista said…
yay! good to know that your body knows what to do, huh? :) i hope he comes a lil early for you, as long as he is ready! enjoy these last few days, weeks, whatever it ends up being!!
Christy said…
great post! I told you I thought you looked low the other day! The progress photos were fun to look at. I am soooo excited for you and can't wait to meet Ethan. Anytime my friend, anytime! :) Love you!
Anonymous said…
Oh boy!
Be ready. My Dr. told me the same thing with Em--my first--and I thought--"yeah, right, my due date isn't for two weeks."

Three days later Mark called my work at 8am from the delivery room to tell them I wouldn't be in that day. Em had been delivered at 7am.

Maybe Matt will have a birthday buddy? :-)

Praying for you and waiting for that phone call!
love ya all!

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