1 month old

Ethan is one month old today. It's crazy, it seems like he's been here for longer than a month. It feels normal to have him here and to be taking care of him.... yet only a month ago we were eagerly awaiting his arrival. It seems like longer than a month since I was in the hospital giving birth. I don't think I've ever taken as many pictures as I have in this month.

Yesterday it was pouring rain all day. Matt was off, and we decided to go out because we needed to run two errands. It's kind of hard to carry a baby carrier and an umbrella and keep the baby dry when it's pouring rain. I am excited because tonight my brother is taking Matt and I out for sushi. My mom is going to watch Ethan. I haven't had sushi for over a year because of being pregnant... I LOVE sushi... yum :)

Every month I will be taking a picture of him in front of his teddy bear so we can see how he grows (thanks Heather for that idea). I have him in his "take me home" outfit which barely fits, it will be the last time he wears it.

I took this picture yesterday before we went and had dinner with the Oates. This outfit actually used to be Grady's. I know that many of the pictures I take look the same, but it's still fun to post them :)
This is how it often is at night... Matt holding Ethan and Cookie snuggled up next to them on the couch.
Here is our Christmas dog... on her blanket on the couch.
We know that Ethan is sleeping good when he has his mouth wide open... it's so funny.
We did some tummy time today. He liked it for about 5 minutes, then he decided he had enough. That's five minutes more than he liked it yesterday :)
Cookie tried her hardest to join him.
After I picked Ethan up, Cookie promptly jumped on the blanket for her turn at tummy time.


5KidMom said…
You guys are doing an outstanding job. I know the first few weeks are hard, but you all look great in spite of it. Enjoy your sweet boy, and keep seeing your husband in such a sweet, loving light. You have truly entered a new stage of life, and all the new things will make you approve of, and love, each other even more. A huge "Congratulations" to all of you. You sure are a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L family!!!!!
Tawny said…
He is SO cute! I can't believe that he is 1 month old already! Time goes by SO fast, so it's good that you are taking so many pictures. Before you know it he will be tackling and hugging his teddy bear!
Christy said…
he,heee I love how cookie is like,"look at me!" Look how cute I am!" too funny! Who cares if the pictures look the same, keep em' coming girlfriend. :) Love you guys.

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