Christmas & 1 month photos

Wow... two posts in one day... you should be impressed, especially considering the day I've had! On Monday Faith took some pictures of Ethan in a stocking and they turned out great. Yesterday she came over to take some family pictures for us. Unfortunately Ethan decided he was starving, and unless he had his binky in his mouth he was crying... soooo it was rather difficult to get a good shot. We would get all posed and ready, and then quick pull his binky out of his mouth and try to get a good shot. Faith is starting her own photography business called Sugar Pie Photography, so if anyone needs photos, let me know and I'll put you in touch.

We tried to take a picture and include the dog... but it didn't turn out great.This is the best stocking stuffer ever :)


Christy said…
ohh Jess, great photos! Its funny how once you have kids getting the family photo becomes an adventure huh? Really cute though. and yes best stocking stuffer ever!! My favorite is the black and white of you smiling at Ethan while he is yawning. :)
Rob and Kelly said…
Wow Faith is a great photographer! All of her pictures turn out so nice. Probably doesn't hurt that you guys are so darn cute! I remember your first photo in front of your house and now you have a dog, and a baby!
Rhonda said…
Nice pictures! We tried to get a family pictures a couple of years ago with the dog in it and that was quite a challenge - to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time and have the dog not decide to lay down or wander. We haven't done that again. And I am QUITE impressed about 2 blogs in one day. I can hardly get 1 up each week.
Jill said…
What cute photos! We loved the stocking pix especially. Actually, Mark and I went out and got a stocking after coming home from the hospital. We had the same idea for a picture...I guess great minds think alike!
Patty said…
How cute! I love the stocking pics.
Jessica said…
Yeah jill.. there's nothing like a baby in a stocking :) haha. Ethan is going to look back when he's older and be like "why on earth did you take a picture of me in a stocking???" haha.

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