Christmas Day

Christmas Day was spent at Matt's parents house. The whole gang was here for Christmas; there are 16 of us now. We all fit very nicely since Matt's parents finished their nice addition. We had a yummy meal with with ham, candied yams, salad, veggies and rolls. After the meal Mike took Emily out to the street and gave her her very first driving lesson. A little later we dug into the presents. We also added a white elephant gift exchange this year which was fun. The very best part of Christmas for me was last night... Ethan slept through the night!!! He slept for 9 hours!! I woke up at 5:30 this morning and was so excited when I realized it was morning and I hadn't had to get up. I couldn't fall back asleep, but Ethan stayed asleep so I went in and got him up at 7:00 to feed him. I am one happy Momma today. Let's hope he keeps this up :)

Ethan's first Christmas, and our first family picture in front of the tree :)
Holding my little man on Christmas... I loved the outfit he was wearing.

Grandpa holding Ethan while we were opening gifts.
Mom & Dad opening a gift
The whole Hekman gang in the Christmas room (we call it the Christmas room because we only use it at Christmas, haha)

Eating our Christmas meal
Me & Heather holding our boys. Clayton is the cousin that is closest in age to Ethan (Clay is 18 months old)
Matt & Mike were very excited to receive box seats to th Bush race in February at the California Speedway.
Ethan & Clayton
Auntie Annette holding Ethan (Matt's sister)
Uncle Dan holding Ethan


Christy said…
great pictures! I am glad you guys had fun and you got sleep; cant beat that Christmas gift from your son huh? ;) I hope your new year is a blessed one as well. I will post when my week slows down on Friday. :)
Ri said…
Hey Matt and Jess, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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