Christmas Eve

It has become our tradition that on Christmas Eve I make a bunch of appetizers and we have my family over to open gifts and celebrate. This year I spent the morning getting the food together and then Danny, Jolene & Christian came over around 1:00. We hung out all afternoon and then I busted out the food around 4:30.We had a great time just hanging out and relaxing. My mom and my brother came at 5:30, and Matt's brother Dan stopped by for a little while as well. We are blessed to have such great family and friends.
Ethan got his first stocking from Grandma Walters, along with a couple of cute outfits and 2 savings bonds.
Jerrod & Cookie relaxing with some wine

Jolene and I took a picture in front of the tree with our boys... the first shot turned out great but we decided to take another just in case...
...the moment that Matt went to snap the picture Ethan spit up a bunch... I think our expressions say the rest, haha. We were laughing for quite a while after that one.
Yummy food and wine
Ethan and Christian are talking
Doesn't Christian look a lot like his Daddy?


Christy said…
Very fun! Could have donw without the the barf shot but hey! ;) Just kidding. You are right though about having tons of family and friends that love you. God is good and faithful. Christian looks alot like Danny there, very sweet.

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