Cookies Galore

On Wednesday my mom and I baked up a storm. We baked four batches of Spritz cookies (the green and red ones), 2 batches of sugar cookies, and chocolate covered pretzels. Flour and sprinkles were flying everywhere. It was fun to have her bake with me. I usually do even more than that, but I decided to pare it back this year since I have a little cutie-pie that keeps me busy :)

When Matt got home from work we decorated the sugar cookies together. They are yummy.

I had been trying to figure out a way to display our Christmas cards when I came across this idea online, so I thought I'd share. It works great.

This week I've been working really hard at getting Ethan on a schedule (eat, awake time, sleep... every three hours), and it's been going great. I've been doing the Babywise thing. He has been taking 4 naps a day that are 1.5-2 hours, and sleeping about 6.5 hours at night (from about 9:30-4:00), then another 2.5 hours and waking up at 7. I have a feeling he may start sleeping 8 or 9 hours soon (at least I'm hoping). He's definitely more happy and pleasant now that he's getting consistent and sufficient sleep. Plus I'm a happy momma since I'm feeling more rested :) I am loving these naps, I'm able to get so much done during the day now. It took a few days for him to get adjusted to the naps, but now he's doing great.

Tonight we're going out for sushi with my brother. We're going to his favorite place in Riverside. Matt and I haven't been to this place yet. Matt's brother Dan flew into town from Michigan last night and he'll be here for the week, and then his sister and her husband and four kids are coming in on Sunday. The whole Hekman family will be here for Christmas, it should be a good time. Christmas Eve my mom and brother are coming over for our usual appetizers and gifts, and the Flores Family will be stopping by too. I'm ready for Christmas now... the gifts are wrapped under the tree, the cookies are baked, and my house is clean :)


Christy said…
YYUUUUMMYYY! You know better than to post pictures of food; now I have to go find something bad for me to eat! ;) Have fun with your brother and tell him the Harkers send their love!
Rob and Kelly said…
Those cookies look great! Good job Matt decorating them (and Jess too!). I baked some magic cookie bars yesterday. It felt like I worked out for 3 hours after but it was fun. I just HAD to bake something for Christmas.

I was just talking to Leanne about the baby wise system. I wrote the author down to get his book from the library. Does it mention in there when a good time to start them is? Those naps sound great for you to be able to get things done!
Rhonda said…
Yes, the cookies look great, but those pretzles look soooo good. I love chocolate covered pretzles.

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