Faith's Birthday, some pictures & Ethan's Baptism

Sunday was a special day as we had Ethan baptized. Pastor Will did a great job. Matt's parents were there of course (they go to the same church as we do), and my mom and brother came, along with Matt's brother Mike and Jolene & Christian (Danny had to be at his own church). Ethan did great, he didn't even make a peep when pastor Will put the water on his head. Afterwards we had requested that the worship team sing "Great is Your Faithfulness" by Chris Tomlin, and then a slide show was shown with pictures of Ethan. It was all very sweet ands special. We pray daily that we can raise Ethan up under the Lord's guidance and be the best parents possible. What a blessing this little guy is to us. Ethan looked so cute in his little outfit that Grandma Hekman got him. Afterwards we all went out to lunch at Chili's.

Sitting on my lap before the service started... looking all cute in his little creme overalls.

Here are some random pictures from the past few days. This one is from today. Ethan is 5 1/2 weeks old now.
This past week he has started to smile in response to us, and it has been so fun to see his huge grin. I tried to capture it on camera today, but this is the best that I got... it doesn't quite show the whole cute smile, but it gives you an idea :)
This is from last Friday, Ethan is crashed out in Matt's lap and Cookie was privileged enough to be able to join them. We are sitting at the table, so it's kinda funny.
What do you think he's dreaming about?
This is from last week... Ethan, Cookie and I were all napping on my bed.

On Saturday night we went out to celebrate Faith's 30th birthday. There were 30 of us who had dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen. After dinner we all went over to Faith's for drinks and dessert. James also showed everyone a sweet slide show he made for Faith in honor of her birthday. The first picture is Faith blowing out her candle... she had a three, but no zero. I guess we were just counting by decades, haha. It was a fun night. Congratulations on your 30th Faithy!


Christy said…
great pictures Jess and congrats on Ethans baptism. You guys will do a great job, just keep living for to honro the Lord and Ethan will see that in you. Oh and he's dreaming about me of course! ;) Faith looks great at her b-day, were sorry we missed out that night. Love you and hope to see you soon. Kisses to the babe!
Jill said…
What a special day--Ethan's baptism! I love all the pictures! It makes me excited to see him smiling...Maddie will soon be doing that i hope. how precious.

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