Fun with the camera

Matt and I were sitting on the couch playing with our cute little boy and of course I just couldn't resist taking a bazillion pictures.... he's just so stinkin' cute, I can't help it :) He'll be 2 months old on Tuesday. Oh, and a side note.... he slept through the night again last night!!! He slept for 9 hours at night and during the day he had 4 good naps :) Praise God! Funny how big of a deal sleep becomes when you have a baby.


Christy said…
ahhh, great pictures! Hes getting so big! I cant wait to see you guys next week. A couple of times he looks like Jerrod in those photos! Cute! :)
Rob and Kelly said…
Cute pictures Jess! It's amazing (but probably a little sad, since they grow up too fast)to see him growing up each time you post new pics.
loi v said…
"so stinkin cute!"....agreed! thanks for posting pics! i love it!

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