Keep it up Ethan!

I just have to share this because it's exciting... Ethan slept from 11-4 last night, that's a 5 hour chunk! The great part is that I was sleeping for that 5 hours too! When I got up at 4 to feed him and realized it had been five hours I was very excited. Last night we went over for dinner to Danny and Jolene's and got home a little late, so I was worried that because we went to bed later that Ethan wouldn't sleep as long, but the opposite happened :) At 4 I fed him and put him back down and he slept again from 4:30-7, so that was a good night for us :) I hope it keeps happening!

It's raining again today. I have to run to the bank and the grocery store, but I'm hoping to snuggle up on the couch with Ethan and watch a movie.... it's just that kind of day. I have to say that I do not miss teaching second grade on rainy days... sorry all of my teacher friends out there who are stuck in the classroom with your kids!


Jill said…
I love this rainy day, too. It was just a week ago that it was raining, and we were in the middle of delivering Madelyn! Crazy how it seems like forever we've had her for way more than a week. Way to go with the five hours of straight sleep. I doubt I'll be getting that for a while yet. Maddie had a terrible night last night. I think she has tummy aches late at night cuz she cries and won't eat, and I can tell that she's hurting. We're getting some drops the dr. recommended...hopefully that will help.
krista said…
seriously...don't miss those rainy school days AT ALL!! at least it's friday jean day for those that have to do it :) that always made me happy.
madyson had a good night last night too. yay! i needed it! she slept from 10-2 and then 3-5:30, 5:30-7:15....i could do this everynight!
enjoy the rainy day!
Christy said…
Rob and Kelly said…
Yay Ethan! I hope it stays this was for sure! On the raining note, I was thinking the same thing. I am so glad I do not have to do rainy day schedules. Hope you enjoy your own little rainy day with Ethan.
Leanne said…
Whoo hoo! Go Ethan!

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