Ethan hasn't slept through the night again like he did on Tuesday night.... I guess that was a one time gift fro him, haha. Hopefully he'll do it again soon and it will become the norm. Yesterday he spent the day with Grandma Walters and I got to spend the day at the spa :) Matt gave me a gift certificate to Glen Ivy Hot Springs for Christmas, and he even went with me yesterday to enjoy it. We spent the day relaxing in the various spas and I got to get a massage. It was a wonderful day, and the first time Matt and I have gone out alone since we've had Ethan. I came home like a puddle of mush I was so relaxed. Thank you honey :) Thank you mom for watching Ethan all day too!


krista said…
i was wondering if he had been sleeping thru the night still. madyson had a great night tues and wed night and last night was horrible!! i am so tired today. just when you think it's a routine and just may last, they let you know you're not there yet :)
glad you got to go relax at glen ivy!! we live about 2 miles from there and i think i've only gone once since we have lived here. i should work on that :)
Rob and Kelly said…
Oh bummer! I'm glad I am reading this so when it comes to me I don't beat myself up over sleep one night no sleep the other.

What a great gift he gave you! I already said to Rob that I want a message so bad (well I basically want to be able to lay on my back without severe pain). I'm glad you guys were able to enjoy your day together!
Christy said…
oohhh, fun! Good for you guys for doing that. Its heaven really. I hope the babe starts sleeping soon. Miss you this past couple of weeks. Love ya' :)

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