Road Trip to Ripon

This weekend we headed up to Ripon for the annual Van Laar Christmas get together. The Van Laars are Matt's mom's family. Ripon is just North of Modesto, it's 400 miles from here. This was our first trip with Ethan. We went up on Friday and came back today (Sunday). Ethan slept the entire time in the car, which was great, but then he didn't sleep so well during night. On Saturday we had the Van Laar Christmas. There are so many of us that we have to use a fellowship hall in a church. Marlene is one of 6 siblings, then there are 24 grandkids plus all of their spouses, and then 43 great grand children. Ethan is the 41st great grand child. There were 2 more boys born after him in November, and 8 total born in 2007. The Van Laars are a great bunch and an awesome testimony of God's grace through many generations. The picture below is Grandma (Marlene's mom) meeting Ethan. My camera battery died right after that so I didn't get any more pictures :(
Grandpa Hekman (Matt's dad) holding Ethan.
Ethan is packing on the weight. Look at his precious chubby cheeks, don't you just want to pinch them? I do :)
Ethan's first stay in a hotel room. I have to say it was a long two nights. Ethan did not sleep well, and we had a hard time sleeping with him in the same room with us. He is a very loud sleeper. He grunts and moans and makes all kinds of noises during the night. I think the longest chunk of sleep I got at once all weekend was a whopping 2 hours. Let's just say we are very glad to be home in our own beds and rooms tonight :)


Christy said…
yay' Ethan you made it! You guys are home safe and sound, great post! Love Gods grace and how he has moved in that family. Love you guys. And yes I want to eat up those cheeks!
loi v said…
that is a humungoid family!!!! sounds like you guys had a great time, despite the hours of rest! merry christmas, friend!

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