Tis the season for... crankiness?

I have to admit that being out in the Christmas hustle and bustle is not my favorite thing. Any shopping that I can do online is fine with me. Now I love shopping, and I also love Christmas. I just don't enjoy maneuvering myself around amidst gobs of people at Christmas time; especially now that I have to carry a heavy baby carrier everywhere I go. There's just something about Christmas crowds that seem to make people especially cranky.... especially older people. Now I love senior citizens, and have nothing against them. It just seems that seniors tend to go either one of two ways: pleasant and sweet, or extremely cranky and crotchety. I think I just happened to encounter quite a few of the latter kind today. In fact I think they were out in full force at Trader Joe's.

Anyone who has had a baby knows that it is not the easiest thing to push a shopping cart with a baby carrier on top. Unless you are 6'4" like my husband, you can't see where you're going, and so you have to constantly look on the sides of your cart while pushing it. This is especially difficult if you are in a store with narrow isles, and if you are clumsy, like me. While shopping today at Trader Joe's and trying to maneuver my cart around as best as I could in a narrow isle packed with people, I had a lovely old lady tell me to "hurry it up". I graciously swallowed my pride and chose to simply ignore her rather than speak my mind, and continued on with my shopping. Shortly after this I was loading my groceries into my trunk. I finished loading my trunk and walked to the side of my car to put Ethan's carrier in the back seat (with him snugly sleeping inside). The parking space next to me was empty, and as I am opening my back door I hear someone start honking. I look over and it is an older woman giving me a look of death. As I looked at her she honked again. Now I was not taking up a lot of space, but the only way to put a car seat in the back seat is to do it through the back door! What was I supposed to do, throw him in the trunk? I clearly had no other options, yet this woman felt the urge to honk at me as if I were doing something wrong. She couldn't wait 10 whole seconds for me to finish loading up my baby to park her car. Ethan was even facing her, so she could clearly see that I had a baby. It really is a good thing that my hands were full, because my first inclination was to turn around and flip her off (I know, not good, but I'm just being honest here). At this point I did not care that she was a senior citizen. I once again swallowed my pride and decided to ignore her, less I find myself doing something horrible like kick her car or pound on her window and yell at her (yes, these thoughts were running through my head). I finished loading Ethan, did not look at her again, and drove away. Matt said he would have put a shopping cart in the way so she couldn't park, haha. I guess my patience was being tested today. Please Lord, when I grow older let me be one of the kind sweet seniors and not one of the crotchety ones.


krista said…
you had a rough day at trader joes! lol....it is very true about old people though---it's one way or the other and too often they are the cranky ones. way to control your words and middle finger. :) i am not sure if i could've done the same. i'm not sure if it's the lack of sleep or just being a mom but i seem to say what's on my mind a lil more freely these days!
Shelly said…
You crack me up salch!! I don't know if I would have been able to hold back! I am impressed :)
Rob and Kelly said…
I'm with Matt on this one. I'm impressed that you were able to hold back. I also would have said something like "excuse me while I make sure my little baby is safe in my car so that you can park 10 seconds faster." Someone else told you to "hurry it up?" Wow, thats low!
Jill said…
how funny! way to have patience...i'm not so sure i would have been as kind as you.
Patty said…
Gotta love the holidays! Where's the peace and love, huh? When did they become a time of selfishness and impatience? Sounds like you experienced some of the 'glories' of Christmas. Yuck. Way to hold back though, Jess! :P Some people make it really hard!
Christy said…
thank you Jess for the reminder to hold our tongue. I am running around today and have a feeling God will remind me of your post. ;) I dont want to be crabby either, old crabby people are scary! I am going to find some old crabby person today and hug them, he,heee! ;)

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