Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My first belly picture

Here I am at 15 weeks, and since I'm starting to show I thought I'd take a belly picture :) I am feeling better than I was. I mostly feel okay, but I still get bouts of nausea throughout the day. I have been really tired this week, so the baby must be growing a lot! I look forward to feeling the little guy or gal move in the next few weeks :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pregnancy & Eating

I'd always heard people say how their tastes change during pregnancy, but I didn't quite understand until now. The sterotypical image of a pregnant women eating a pickle with ice cream always disgusted me. I've always prided myself on being a healthy eater; I try to stay away from fast food, I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, I cook very healthy and stick to low fat/low cal, nutritious recipes. Apparently growing a baby inside of you changes all of that. Lately I have to force myself to eat vegetables, and do not like them at all (with the exception of salad). Once a flavor aficionado, I am now queen of the bland. What has happened to me? It's like my eating habits were replaced by a child's. I have definitely digressed. Matt, once amazed and proud of my culinary mastery (okay, so maybe I wasn't a master, but I can cook pretty good), is lucky if he gets one meal a week, and it's usually something bland. Pasta and Mexican food are my friends, and lately I crave vanilla soft serve ice cream (pre-pregnancy I would have never eaten plain vanilla ice cream).

Today I perused one of my cooking magazines in the hopes that the exciting and different recipes would inspire me, but they didn't. I only want bland, or fattening food, or an In & Out Burger. Before I was pregnant I probably ate fast food less than 10 times a find myself eating it every week! I told Matt this: "Pregnant women can't drink, we can't sit in the spa, we don't have as much energy, our bodies do all sorts of crazy things, and we don't feel the same. However, the one thing we can do is eat, so when we find something we like, get out of our way!” I'll stop with that :) I think I hear an ice cream bar calling my name from the freezer.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

We heard the heartbeat!

I had a Dr. appointment today, and all went well. I thought I was going to get an ultrasound, but it turns out I didn't :( We did however get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. It was pretty cool...very loud and healthy, and also fast (which is normal). It was neat to hear some proof that there really is a baby in my tummy :) So far it hasn't really felt real. Its felt real in the sense that I've been sick, and definitely do not feel normal, but it hasn't felt all that real yet because I can't see or feel the baby yet. All that said, it felt more real today :)

In five more weeks I get to have an ultrasound, and if the baby cooperates, we will get to find out the sex. I have a feeling it's a girl, but who really knows :) We will be happy no matter what, we just pray for a healthy baby.

I have had 2 days this week so far that I have felt good, so that is an improvement. Hopefully I am on the upswing and will leave nausea behind me :) On Monday I was so excited that I felt well, so after school I went and bought flowers, and then re-potted all of my color pots at home and did some gardening. It was nice to feel a little normal :)

On a random side note, two weekends ago Matt and I randomly went to Big Lots and bought an infant car seat/stroller combo thing. It was a good brand, and way cheaper than in normal stores, so we bought it. We had a heck of a time loading it into our car, so we decided we needed a new car. I had still been driving my 92 Honda Civic that I bought right before starting college. By the end of the week, not only did we have a car seat and stroller thingy, but we also had a new (used) car :) We had been thinking about buying one, this just made us realize a little Honda was not going to cut it for carting around a baby. We got a 2004 Ford Escape, and we really like it. I am in heaven; this feels SO much nicer to me than my Honda :)

I know we have many more things we need before the baby comes, but we'll get to them in time :) We're trying to get projects finished on the house too, we have much more motivation now. Matt has been re-doing our electrical getting it ready to put in an A/C (right now we just have swamp), and also trying to get the garage cleared out, and shelves built in it so that we can park cars in there. Next in line is converting the mudroom into an office, then we can make our extra bedroom in the nursery. One thing just leads to another!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

We're having a baby!

I set up this blog a while ago, but really haven't felt the need to blog. However now that we have exciting news and details to share, I think this would be the perfect place to do so :) The newest development in our lives is that we are very eagerly anticipating the arrival of our first child in November (around Nov. 12th to be exact). We are very excited to enter this next phase in our lives. It is amazing to think that there is a little baby growing inside of me. I am addicted to reading anything and everything about the development of the baby. I am subscribed to 4 different websites that e-mail me every week and tell me the changes going on with both the baby and me. I get very excited each week when I recieve the e-mails.

Tomorrow I will be 13 weeks pregnant, and I will start my second trimester. I am pretty excited about that, because my first trimester hasn't been all that easy. I have been plauged by nausea almost 24-7, but thankfully I haven't thrown up but a couple of times. I am especially glad about this because I can't exactly run out of a classroom of 2nd graders. I have not wanted much food, however I feel the need to eat all of the time because if I don't, the nausea is worse. Things I once loved no longer sound appealing. I used to LOVE coffee and drink it every morning, but now just the smell of it makes me green. I make poor Matt grind his coffee outside because otherwise it makes me sick. Sleep has been restless for me. I haven't enjoyed waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom...that is something I'm not used to doing. I do miss sleeping all through the night...I'm trying to cherish the opportunity while I can. It's been tough teaching and feeling like this, but I keep reminding myself it will be worth it in the end :) I only have 6 more weeks of school left! I am hoping that I will start feeling better now that I am entering my second trimester.

Wednesday May 9th is my next Dr. appointment, and I am very excited because I will have an ultrasound. I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks, however all I saw was a little shadow, and I could see another little shadow moving really fast (which was the heart beating). Matt is going to come along this time, and this will be the first time we will get to see the baby. I will post pictures as soon as I have them :)

We are praying every day for a healthy little baby, and we appreciate your prayers as well :)