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Look Who's Walking....

Ethan is walking everywhere now. I have to say I don't miss the crawling. It's SO nice to be able to take him outside and have him walk instead of destroy his pants! It's so cute when they are just learning how to walk.... how they are all wobbly. Here is a video clip I took of him this morning. we are still in our PJ's :) He is currently cutting 2 molars so he's been attached to his binky and teddy much more than normal.

random updates

On Sunday I put away my Christmas decorations. Once Christmas is over I am ready to have them put away. On Monday I cleaned like a mad woman.
Speaking of cleaning Matt did the sweetest thing for me for Christmas. He put together a coupon book FULL of coupons for me to use this year. He was so creative with this gift. I redeemed one of the coupons on Monday... it was a coupon for the cleaning of both bathrooms. There are TONS of other fun coupons in there like movie nights, a vacation day where he takes the day off work and I choose what we do, a good mopping of the floors, coupons for back rubs, and lots of other fun stuff :) Honestly this was one of the sweetest gifts he's ever given to me. It is the gift that keeps on giving!I've got the organizing bug (more than normal). I think it's just this time of year.... perhaps that's why January is national organization month. I just want to go through all of my cupboards and closets and drawers and purge and get th…

fun at the flores casa

How cool is it that we can have sleepovers with our closest friends? The day after Christmas we headed over to Danny' and Jolene's for some fun and relaxation. We stayed in their lovely guest suite and enjoyed about 26 hours over at their casa. We ate some yummy food, played plenty of Wii, and also played Cranium and Beyond Balderdash.

Danny & Jolene got a cool new DSLR for Christmas from her parents so Danny was trying to figure it out and practice taking pictures.
Look at this cute couple I caught smooching :)

Ethan and Christian played pretty well together. Christian is dancing in this picture... too cute.

Ethan enjoyed another rocking horse. Christian's rocking horse is really cool, if you squeeze the ear it makes horse noises.
While we were there Ethan officially started walking. I think he saw Christian walking around a lot and decided he needed to get on the ball.He is now walking everywhere (and still crawling a little too).
I think we were making some Mii chara…

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day we woke up and lounged around the house. We headed over to Matt's parents house after Ethan's morning nap and had a yummy Christmas meal. After we cleaned up we let the kids open their presents before their afternoon naps. They all had fun opening gifts. When Clayton and Ethan went down for their naps the adults opened gifts.

After all the gifts were opened we put out some appetizers and played Cranium. It was a nice relaxing day.

Mike & Heather and their kids Jenelle and Clayton (plus baby #3 in the tummy)
Mom and Dad Hekman
I can probably count the times on one hand that I've gone over to Sid & Marlene's and Sid hasn't fallen asleep on the couch or in his chair :) At least he knows how to relax.
Daddy helping Ethan open a gift.

Ethan got some cool wooden blocks and wooden puzzles, come huge legos (duplos), an infant swing and a few other fun toys. He is having fun playing with all his cool stuff.
The three Hekman brothers... Mike, Matt &…

Christmas Eve

We had a relaxing Christmas Eve. Matt helped me get the food together in the morning and we stuck it all in the fridge. Then we spent the early afternoon hanging out and relaxing. We let Ethan open one of his gifts and enjoyed just hanging out together.

Ethan and Daddy playing with his new truck
The Christmas puppy :)

Ethan liked the ribbon on his present a lot
He didn't really open the paper, we had to help him.

Momma and Ethan
Sharing some laughter

Around 4:30 Danny, Jolene and Christian came, followed by Matt's brother Dan and my mom and brother. We ate lots of yummy appetizers and hung out for a while. Dan and the Flores' left around 6:00 and we then opened gifts with my family. Below is a picture of our spread. We had stuffed mushrooms, pigs in a blanket, veggies & dip, bacon wrapped water chestnuts (thanks for the idea Julie), chocolate covered oranges and everyone's favorite.... classic cheese fondue.
Jolene brought this lovely and delicious Christmas tree br…