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Here is a video of Ethan from yesterday. He will be 3 months old tomorrow. I try to take a video clip of him once a week just for fun. He's playing on his play mat (his new favorite place to be). He loves to bat at his toys and grab at them.

Color Challange

I got this idea from my friend Krista, who got it from somewhere else. It looked like fun so I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon. If only I had an SLR (have you heard me say that enough yet?) my pictures would be SO much nicer :) Each day I'm going to take some pictures of a different color around my house. I thought it would be good practice to take some pictures of still objects. Today I did yellow.

Ethan's hooded towel

A very light yellow sweaterA highlighter, colored pencil and gel pen
One of Ethan's books
... and of course, I had to do bananas

Yummy salad dressing

I thought I'd share my new favorite salad dressing. It's super easy to make, and perfect for orange season. All you do is juice some fresh oranges (I used 2). If you don't have any oranges, you can use orange juice, just make sure it's 100% pure orange juice, and not from concentrate. Then you just use equal parts of the orange juice and extra virgin olive oil, and add in some Dijon mustard to taste. Simple and delicious :)

Let me share my favorite salad to put it over (my own concoction).....
-fresh green lettuce leaves
-chopped up Fuji apple
-chopped up oranges
-dried cranberries
-feta cheese
-slivered almonds, or my new favorite... candied walnuts
*I've also used pears instead of oranges, and that is yummy too.

I a salad for Matt and myself every single night, we always start our dinner with one of my salads. That way we don't eat near as much food for the main course.

A couple of pictures and scrapbook layouts

Yesterday it was so nice to just stay home and not have to do anything since it was raining for a good part of the day. Ethan and I just hung out inside. This morning I completed a couple of scrap book layouts that I had started (which I posted pictures of down below... as always the pictures of the layouts didn't turn out great, but you get the idea). Then I got to have lunch with my brother. He was in Redlands hanging out while he waited for his car to be fixed. The bummer part is that he had to take a day off work to take care of it. We went to Thai House and had some yummy Thai food. Afterwards we made a pit stop at the scrapbook store and then we went over to Babies R Us and I got Ethan an exersaucer. I'm not getting it out just yet, probably in another month.

I love this little Baby Gap sweat suit that he has on today.

Ethan is getting better and better at lifting up his head during tummy time. He enjoys it for a few minutes, and then he gets frustrated and starts …

A nice rainy weekend

This weekend was Matt's three day weekend (he gets every other Friday off). It's always great to have him home for three days. On Friday we enjoyed a nice lazy morning, then went and had a little date at Starbucks (we had Ethan with us, but he was sleeping peacefully in his carrier). We ran a few errands and then came home and I made a yummy BBQ chicken pizza. As a special treat we opened a really yummy bottle of wine that we had been saving from one of our favorite vineyards in Paso Robles, Hunt Cellars.

On Saturday I decorated those letters for Ethan's room and then we had lunch with Matt's parents. Later that evening went over to the Odenbaughs for dinner with our small group.

Matt talking to Ethan after his nap
Matt's artistic photo of a bottle of wine we had last night and a wine glass.
Play time
On Sunday we went to church, and then my friend Tawny came over for lunch along with her husband and daughter. I met Tawny when we both went through the teaching cre…


I finally got around to decorating the letters I've had for Ethan's room. I had been meaning to do them before I actually had him, but never got around to it. I decided to do them scrapbook style; so I decoupaged some paper onto them, sanded the edges, and then added some embellishments. I know they look a tad girly, but oh well... trust me, I wanted to do way more foofy stuff.

I need to teach Cookie this one...


Let's eat cake....

Some of you asked if I ate any of that cake that I made... the answer is YES! How could I not? It was so yummy. I’ll actually give you all the full update on how I’ve done with the sugar.The first two weeks I did really well, and didn’t really have any (accept for maple syrup and some caramel in my caramel macchiato).The third week I had a couple of desserts.I think I’m pretty much finished with this whole thing.While I didn’t make it to the end of January, I did accomplish my goal.My goal was to get out the habit of having it ALL the time, and thinking that every meal needed to be finished off with dessert or candy.After not having anything for two weeks and then only having a little bit of it, I have definitely got my cravings under control.I honestly don’t even want it that much anymore.If someone makes a really yummy dessert, of course I am going to have some, and I’m darn well going to enjoy it, but I don’t feel the need to dig into the cookies and ice cream after every meal.Tha…


Here is a video that I took of Ethan this morning. It's nothing spectacular, he was still in his jammies and happily cooing. He is 11 weeks old.


Last night my mom had a surprise birthday party for her friend Beth, who is turning 50. My mom told her to come over and she was going to take her out for dinner. When she walked in, we surprised her. I went over in the afternoon and hung out and helped her prepare the food (carne asada... yummy). The lighting was really bad, so my pictures didn't turn out very good.


My mom and Beth
Mary, my mom, and Sally
Me and my crazy brother Jerrod
Whoa... scary! What can I say... we're weird
Ahh, Ethan loves a clean diaper. I would too if I had to hag out in my poo.
Ethan with his Grammy
Hmmm... cranky time
Danielle and Ethan
I made a lemon chiffon cake... it was yummy

Which one is best?

Which one do you think looks best?



Black and white?
Or none of them? haha

This was on Saturday after I got home from Shelly's baby shower. I forgot to take the camera with me to take pictures at the shower, so sad :(


I cropped and pasted these pictures for a scrapbook layout. I'll post the layout when I make it :)


Since Ethan is holding up his head pretty well now I thought we'd test out the Bumbo. He did pretty well in it, and seemed to enjoy "sitting up" for a little bit. It was handy because I needed to wrap a present, so I just sat him in it next to me and he thought it was great because he could see what was going on.

Cookie loves to get in pictures. If we're sitting on the floor, she's right there next to us.

My first blanket

I made my very first blanket a while back. I couldn't post the pictures because it was a gift for my friend Shelly. Shelly's baby shower was on Saturday so I was able to finally give it to her. I really can't take credit for the entire blanket, because my friend Danielle helped me make it. She came over a while back and we made burp rags and this blanket. It's nothing extravagant, but I'm proud :)

The blanket layed open and a matching burp rag.
Cookie just couldn't resist laying on the blanket. After all, any blanket that is put on the ground is for her right? That's what she thinks.

My Week

It's been a pretty good week. This morning I went to something called T-Moms (Trinity Moms), it's a mom's group at Trinity Church. It is very similar to MOPS. I put Ethan in the nursery for the very first time. I have to admit I was kind of nervous. Not because I thought that they nursery was bad or anything, but I'm sure all you moms understand... it was my first time putting him in a nursery. He did great and actually slept the entire time, even though it went an hour over when he normally eats. I kept thinking they would page me because he would be hungry, but he never even woke up. What a good boy :) I think I'll start putting him in the nursery at our church on Sunday mornings too. T-Moms meets just every other Friday, and they do a brunch, devotions, prayer, a speaker and a craft. This session will go until the end of March, so it's not a huge commitment. Going to this meets another one of my goals of wanting to join a moms group :)

Yesterday Faith and I…

If you ever run out of birth control...

....The first known contraceptive was crocodile dung, used by Egyptians in 2000 B.C.

I don't even know how I came across that, but I thought I'd share.

Random Fact of the Day

A Mamma humpback whale produces a whopping 1,000 pounds of milk a day (a human produces 2). The baby whale gains 200 pounds a day for its first few weeks of life!!! Wow! Where did I learn this you ask... while watching Modern Marvels.