2 month check up and shots

Today Ethan had his 2 month appointment (he turned two months old a week ago). When we first went in he was all happy and smiley and cooing, but when he got his 3 shots he screamed louder than I've ever heard him scream before and turned bright red :( Poor guy. Afterwards I held him and he calmed down and fell right to sleep. He weighs 13 lbs. now and is 23.5 inches long, and doing very well :) Below are a few pictures I took yesterday morning.

Fresh out of the bath
Sleeping peacefully in his crib
I love his sweet blue eyes :) I just can't get enough of them.

Yesterday I did a yoga video. I haven't done yoga since I was first pregnant (I used to do it all the time). In fact I really haven't even lifted weights since I was 20 weeks pregnant (I used to lift weights all the time too). Let me tell you, I am sore! It made me realize how week I've gotten. In fact I only did half of the yoga video because I felt like I couldn't do the other half, haha. Oh well, I'll ease myself back in gently, I can't expect to pick up right where I left off. After doing the yoga I jump roped and lifted my 10 lb. weights for a bit. I can't wait until I can go back to the gym (I can go once Ethan is a little bit older).


krista said…
what a sweet lil boy :) i am sad about his screaming during shots :( i hate that. madyson won't have to start hers until she is 3 months old b/c she was early, but i am already dreading it :( she has her 2 month appt. on the 23rd..i can't wait to see how much she weighs.
good job on the yoga video. i bought a tae-bo dvd set with weights but it is still in the box. tomorrow!
Christy said…
I hated when the girls got there shots, it was all I could do not to cry myself. :) oh and about the working out; baby steps, you look great so you'll get there. Love ya!
Heather Hekman said…
The shots are bad, but at least he doesn't remember them, right? It's harder with Jenelle now than with CJ. He had his 18 month appt today--no shots for the first time since his 2 month appt. Congrats on the exercising and starting simple. You're doing great!
christy p said…
OHHHH I hate those visits to the Dr's when the kiddos get shots. I am warning you...the shots they get before kinder are the WORST. I make my hubby go with me for those.

Congrats on starting back on your workout routine. I think I have waited too long...(my baby is 4 yrs old.)

Have a wonderful day!
Patty said…
Those shots are no fun! Jacob turns almost purple and has a big vein that pops out on his temple! Poor babies (and mommies). Sounds like Ethan is a healthy, growing boy. Cute pics. :)

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