2 months old

Yesterday Ethan was 2 months old. On one hand I'm thinking "wow, he's already two months old?", and on the other hand I'm thinking "it's only been two months"? It seems like he's been here for longer than two months. I no longer can picture my life without him. It's so fun now that he is more responsive. He smiles and coos at us when we talk to him, and he's figuring out how to bat at things right now. I can seriously stare at him for hours on end, I just never get tired of it :) He has slept through the night 3 nights in a row now, so I'm thinking this is becoming the norm (thank you Lord!). He's also continuing to do well with his schedule. I just adore my little boy, he is so much fun.... I am very blessed!

Matt had the last 11 days in a row off. It was so nice to be able to have him home and just spend time together. A lot of the time was spent with family, but it was nice. New Year's Eve we didn't end up doing anything because I wasn't feeling well... in fact we were asleep by 10:30. I know, I know... we are boring :) Maybe next year we'll party :) For New Year's day we went over to Matt's parents house for Ollie Bolen (a Hekman tradition). It was just us and them, and we played some dominoes, watched football, relaxed, and ate lots of ollie bolen. It was a very nice day.
Now that the holidays are over we're back to normal around here. I already took down all the Christmas decorations last Friday, which I'm kind of glad about. It's always so much fun putting them up, and then kind of a drag taking them down. I am currently in my first day with no sugar... being that it's only 9 am, I haven't noticed yet, haha. Check back with me tonight and it may be a different story ;) Ethan is taking a nice nap right now, so I'm going to work on getting my organizing blog up and running. I thought it might be a neat way to promote my business, so we'll see how it goes. I hope you all had a great New Year. May the Lord bless you abundantly in 2008 :)


krista said…
i am so glad he is sleeping thru the night for you! i cannot wait for that day! i am pretty sure we still have a lil while because she was so early...her corrected age is only 3 weeks right now, so i am just assuming it will be awhile and i will be pleasantly surprised if it's earlier :)
i feel the same way about christmas decorations...i can't wait to put them up and then it's a pain and drag to put it all away.
goodluck on the no sugar. i am starting to cut way back on sugar and bad foods today...it became a habit with the holidays. not a good one because i have a LOT of weight to lose still. yuck. she's worth it though :)
alright, now that i've written a book of a comment...have a good day. i can't wait to see your organizing blog!
Lisa Haveman said…
yep! I am for sure going to read through the Bible this year :) Infact, I've already begun although, I don't have a chrono. Bible. I have a "Read through the Bible" checklist that a friend gave me. I check off each chapter and book once I've completed it. So, check on my occassionally to make sure I'm keeping up with it! Wow! Ethan is already 2 months old.. amazing how time flies! He's such a cutie :) I completely understand about wanting to do nothing but sit and stare at him ~ I do the same with my kids...
loi v said…
what the heck is ollie bolen????
Christy said…
uh, hows that sugar low going now? he,heeeee!
Rhonda said…
I am reading through the Bible again this year too. Mine isn't the chronological bible. It is called the Daily Walk bible and it has become my favorite bible. It reads straight through - not an old testament and new testament passage every day - and it has a devotional reading and an interesting fact about the passage every day.
I stopped sugar too 2 weeks before Christmas. I had desserts again from Christmas until New Years, but I am back on track again. You can totally do it. If you have a craving that is going to do you in, have a sugar-free treat, like sugar-free jello or a sugar-free popsicle. It really helps and pretty soon your cravings will be totally gone. We try to have treat day at our house, which means no treats except on the one day of the week that is treat day (Sunday for us). It works pretty well (except during the Christmas season when it seems like every day is treat day.)
By the way, CONGRATULATIONS on full nights of sleep. Ethan is soooo adorable and he only seems to be getting cuter.

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