Does maple syrup count as sugar? I'm going to say no, because I just ate pancakes. It's a naturally occurring sugar, so it doesn't count (although I didn't eat pure maple syrup, so it really wasn't natural). Anyhow, it doesn't count.


Christy said…
he,heee, you keep telling youself that Jess! ;)
Rhonda said…
I use Log Cabin's sugar-free syrup. It isn't as thick as the regular stuff, but I like the flavor. I put peanut butter (the all-natural stuff without added sugar) on my pancakes and waffles and then just a very little amount of the sugar-free syrup. It is very yummy if you like peanut butter.
Shells said…
IT DOESN'T COUNT! Hahaha I never believed in the theory of quitting cold turkey! You have to ease yourself into this. hahaha I have to cut back too big time, but I don't have the will power yet!

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