My first blanket

I made my very first blanket a while back. I couldn't post the pictures because it was a gift for my friend Shelly. Shelly's baby shower was on Saturday so I was able to finally give it to her. I really can't take credit for the entire blanket, because my friend Danielle helped me make it. She came over a while back and we made burp rags and this blanket. It's nothing extravagant, but I'm proud :)

The blanket layed open and a matching burp rag.
Cookie just couldn't resist laying on the blanket. After all, any blanket that is put on the ground is for her right? That's what she thinks.


Christy said…
That turned out so cute. Good job Jess! Love the colors!
krista said…
nice job on the blanket!!! the blanket that leighann had someone make for maddy has some of this material on it and i love it!
Rhonda said…
Nice Job Jess! What I am even more impressed with is the SIX posts today. I can hardly get one post completed in a week. I am challenged.
Mom H said…
Jess, I just saw the blanket you made, great job!

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