My Week

It's been a pretty good week. This morning I went to something called T-Moms (Trinity Moms), it's a mom's group at Trinity Church. It is very similar to MOPS. I put Ethan in the nursery for the very first time. I have to admit I was kind of nervous. Not because I thought that they nursery was bad or anything, but I'm sure all you moms understand... it was my first time putting him in a nursery. He did great and actually slept the entire time, even though it went an hour over when he normally eats. I kept thinking they would page me because he would be hungry, but he never even woke up. What a good boy :) I think I'll start putting him in the nursery at our church on Sunday mornings too. T-Moms meets just every other Friday, and they do a brunch, devotions, prayer, a speaker and a craft. This session will go until the end of March, so it's not a huge commitment. Going to this meets another one of my goals of wanting to join a moms group :)

Yesterday Faith and I (along with Ethan and her 10 month old Grady) went to Ontario Mills. We found the greatest bargains at the Children's Place outlet. They had FANTASTIC deals! I got a ton of stuff, and nothing was over $5.00! I got Ethan a few things for next winter... sweatshirts (nice hoodies for $5.00), pants (also only $5.00), button down shirts, and few things for the summer (polos for $2.99, and even one for $.99!). It was all really nice stuff too. This outlet is the greatest place to get good deals on nice kids clothing. It was very exciting. I also got a couple of really cute long sleeve Onesie's at the Gap for only $2.99. Yay for good deals. We also had lunch with Matt since we were down the street from his work, so that was nice. I haven't gone out there to have lunch with him since before Ethan was born. Tonight we're going out for Thai food with my mom and brother... yum.

Below I posted a few pictures I took today
Ethan's new favorite pastime... chowing down on his hand. He can almost fit the whole thing in his mouth.
Now I'd better go get my laundry going. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Jill said…
that really makes me want to go shopping right now!!!
Christy said…
yay for great deals! Its the little things in life really. :)
Charlee said…
I love The Childrens Place outlet my friend used to be manager. If you hit them right at season change you can realy stock up I got my son almost a whole spring wardrobe for $125 last year that included underwer and shoes!

If you are interested in Carters let me know I get cupons.
christy p said…
I TOTALLY understand your anxiety about leaving your little one in the nursery. I still had a hard time when my youngest was one.

Great job on your deals. I love a good bargain!
Heather Hekman said…
I went to TMoms right after Jenelle was born, but I never put her in the nursery there. Glad Ethan did so well. I enjoyed the time at TMoms with other moms. Congrats on fulfilling one of your goals for this year.:)

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