Playing around with Photoshop

So I was playing around with Photoshop today. One of my goals this year is to learn how to use it really well. I found a few tips online and so I was trying them out. For you Photoshop affectianados (sp?), my new favorite thing is action sets... fun fun. I found a few free sets that I've been playing with, and I also made one of my own. I'd say these aren't too bad since I just have a point and shoot digital camera. I can't WAIT to get a nice camera... hopefully sometime this year when I finish saving up for one :)

As you can tell, I took this one myself

He has such long eyelashes now, I love them!
Strong grip

Here are a few more shots that I didn't touch up.


krista said…
those look great jess!!
what version of photoshop do you have?
i want to get it (the full version)'s just sooo expensive! i had elements 4.0 but there was something wrong w/it and so i never used it. i am thinking about getting 6.0 though...
Rhonda said…
Good job Jessica. And it's only going to get better!
5KidMom said…
I LOVE the black and white close-up of Ethan's eye. Look at those lashes!!!

I got Photoshop Elements 6.0 for Christmas. I have the same goal you do regarding Photoshop. I love to take pics of my family, and look forward to them looking even better!

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