Rainy Weekend

It has rained all weekend long, which is good since we need it (although not so great for areas that recently burned because of mudslides). Before it started to rain on Friday I decided to take Ethan in the stroller and walk down the blvd. to Starbucks, it was kinda nice, and thankfully it didn't start raining on me. For the rest of the weekend we've mostly just stayed inside and had our fireplace going. I love when we have fires, Matt makes great ones :) I did some scrapping on Saturday, and then we went over to my mom's for dinner. Today we did the usual... church, Coffee Bean, Trader Joe's, and then had lunch with Matt's parents at the Kopper Kettle Kafe in Yucaipa (a local joint, but very yummy). It's been a nice relaxing weekend :) I posted some pictures from the past few days.

I took this picture after church last week, but I never posted it.... it's just so cute.
We took this picture this morning before heading off to church
Napping this afternoon on the couch with my boy
Bath time yesterday. Ethan likes his baths, he usually smiles and coos.
Drying off
Getting lotion put on
Getting dressed. There's nothing like a clean baby who smells fresh. I just have to cuddle with him after his bath....and lots of other times during the day :) Snoozing on the couch the other day.

p.s..... I miss desserts, this has been pretty hard for me! Oh, and I've been keeping up with my Bible reading :)


Christy said…
good for you on keepingup with your reading time. The sugar low will improve as well I promise. :) The pictures are great. I think back on how when I used to nap with our girls when they were babes and I am pretty sure that was my favorite thing in the entire world, especially when they were all bathed and yummy smelling.
Tawny said…
Gosh, he is SO DARN CUTE!
christy p said…
OHHHHH how I miss that new baby/clean/cuddle time. I can just tell you are a wonderful mom and are totally enjoying Ethan! Great photos!

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