Last night my mom had a surprise birthday party for her friend Beth, who is turning 50. My mom told her to come over and she was going to take her out for dinner. When she walked in, we surprised her. I went over in the afternoon and hung out and helped her prepare the food (carne asada... yummy). The lighting was really bad, so my pictures didn't turn out very good.


My mom and Beth
Mary, my mom, and Sally
Me and my crazy brother Jerrod
Whoa... scary! What can I say... we're weird
Ahh, Ethan loves a clean diaper. I would too if I had to hag out in my poo.
Ethan with his Grammy
Hmmm... cranky time
Danielle and Ethan
I made a lemon chiffon cake... it was yummy


Anonymous said…
Wow! That's a whole lot of chiffon on that cake. When are we going to have that for our small group?
Patty said…
Yum! The cake looks delicious. Did you eat any of it, or did you stick to your resolution? I say it was a special occasion so you'd almost HAVE to eat it. Ha Ha
Christy said…
That was sweet of your mom. How fun. Oh and laying in your own poop is right up there with..........well........shoot I dont know but its no wonder he was smiling like that. :)
krista said…
yummy cake!!! did you eat some?? i would have. :)

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